Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Please Mr. Postman"

Sometimes it is so ironic how you can have a random conversation with someone one day and then the same topic pops up somewhere the next day.

I was just discussing with a friend how much I do not like getting mail and all of the reasons that I do not enjoy mail & then I saw a reference to a similar "complaint" on one of the blogs I read.

I used to enjoy stopping at the mailbox. Once upon a time I was actually anxious to see if there was a letter in there for me (back before I had bills). Sort of like that oldies song "Mr. Postman." I remember always making sure mom and dad got the mail & going through it looking for fun catalogs...this sort of excitement followed me up until about a two years ago when I completely stopped caring about the mail and starting despising it.

I used to think that it was because of where I lived...the mailbox was a good 1/4 mile from my house and I had to stop on the way home, get out of the car, etc. It was real annoying when it was raining, snowing, super cold/hot, or after dark (remember my fox story?) & I really thought I was just lazy. The mailbox was huge, so I could go a good 1-2 weeks without stopping...I'd always look at it as I passed and sort of feel neglectful as I drove on by...

Then I started to notice the guilt that I felt for all of the junk mail that I threw away. It is just such an incredible waste! My practice became to go through the pile and sort it into keepers and tossers...I'd save the catalogs to look at while I ran on the treadmill, but that act also caused me to want to shop more. I wanted everything in EVERY VS magazine!

I also don't enjoy finding a place for the things that I decide to keep. I do not like filing. I do not like keeping all of the crap for years. To me, it is pointless and a complete waste of time. I mean everything is online these days!

I sort of thought that at my new place I would check the mail a little more regularly, in part b/c my mailbox is about the size of a small shoebox AND in part due to the convenience of the location. Let's just say that this has not been the case! Unless there is something that I know I am expecting, I'll walk by the mailbox for days...sometimes for over a week+ without checking. Most of my bills are online, so I'm not ignoring my finances. I also thought that through moving, the number of catalogs I receive in the mail would diminish. For well over a month now, I have not received anything, but the retailers have found me! When I went through a weeks worth of mail two nights ago there were VS and JCrew magazines addresses to ME and my new address. HOW ON EARTH DID THEY FIND ME? I have NOT ordered anything! It is like there is a conspiracy between the folks at the post office and corporate America to sabotage my brain and my wallet no matter where I reside :)

I think I need to try to do better about stopping off at least a couple times a week. Then the task doesn't seem so overwhelming and maybe I won't feel so guilty about throwing virtually every piece of mail that I receive away - if the toss pile is smaller. Don't get me wrong, I like getting cards and invitations...those things are FUN, but my stubbornness about the whole situation has caused many of those items to sit in the mailbox until well after the event has passed. When my best friend mails me something, she tells me to check the mail...she knows I won't see it for a while if someone doesn't prompt me to do the darn thing!


Amanda said...

That's too funny! I can definitly see if you have to go out of your way to pick up your mail how it could become a task, yuck.

I wanted to sign up for one of those do not send me lists to be "greener" and stop all of those pesky catalogs, but its costs money to sign up for one of those. So, I'm stuck in the same spot as you, all those darn advertisements wanting your money. If you find a solution, please post it :)

SarahC said...

Try checking this link out and see if it helps! I get tons of junk mail too! And still get junk mail for two other families that use to reside at our address....guess they never found them!
Had a good time at lunch on Saturday! Hope we can get together again soon! :) Let me know how Wizard of Oz goes!

Michael B said...

Completely agree with the annoyance of magazines and other sorts of junk mail!

On another note, why in the WORLD are you expected to leave a tip or a gift for your mail carrier???? I don't even know our carrier. It drives me crazy that we are expected to give a little extra to a person who is just doing her job. I wish that parents gave me a tip for teaching their child multiplication facts! : ) Lol! (That would never happen...)

Hope you are well! Let's get together for our Christmas dinner soon!!

Love you.