Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hope you ALL have a WONDERFUL time :)

As luck would have had it, my team at work was invited to join our corporate suite at FedEx field for the Redskins vs. Cowboys game this coming Sunday night. I love my Redskins and have not been to a game in a very long time, so I have been super excited for a few weeks now. I was not only going to a Redskins game, but against the COWBOYS for goodness sakes! How awesome is that?

Of course as the work week has begun winding down, there has been a lot of chatter in the office about the upcoming game - who's going - where are we meeting - tailgating - everything I LOVE about going to a live sporting event. Due to all of the discussions, my excitement had risen to a level of spastic anticipation...

Well, a couple minutes ago, the coordinator of these events pops up at my cubicle (the same person who was asking me yesterday if I was "excited" and talking to me about the tailgate) and informs me, after a LONG LINE of excuses, that one team member and myself have now been axed from the list of attendees!!! Apparently, a couple VP's decided they would like to go to the game and because of that, the LIST had to be scrubbed. I mean. really? Is that a nice way of telling me that I am a bottom dweller? That I don't rank? That I'm not important enough?

At the end of our brief chat, this individual looked at me with pity and said "I'm sorry, I know you must be disappointed." Um, disappointed? You have no -idea! "Disappointed" is putting it mildly! Now get out of my face before the fake smile that I am already wearing completely fades away and you catch some of my wrath.

Oh & PS - never look at me with that "I feel sorry for you" expression on your face ever again!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL TIME (spoken with 100% sarcasm)!


Sara. said...

Freakin ID! I so hate that place! Wow that blows! I'm so sorry you can't go! I would have my own tailgate party in the parking lot at work. Be sure to wear all your Redskin attire to work tomorrow just to rub it in their faces.

Melis B said...

awwww man....that blows BIG TIME!! I'm sorry!!

Just you can watch the game UP CLOSE in the comfort of your living room with all the beer you can drink. :) (said with mild sarcasm)

I hope your Friday is better...

Amanda said...

That sucks so much. I've been a little behind in reading and so the Skins and Cowboys game is on as I read your post and I was getting excited for you and then that horriable person had to scratch you from the list. What an @#$! I hope you have some sort of revenge on that person.