Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Excuse me, is this yoga or bootcamp?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently re-joined the gym. A new Lifetime Fitness opened in Ashburn on October 11th and it is literally only a few miles from my home and office. I am very proud to say that my bf and I have been very dedicated to our exercise program and we have been hitting the gym at lunch time on a regular basis (we do a lot of resistance training, which is an incredible work-out, but we don't get too sticky!). This past week, we decided to kick it up a notch and go to the gym for a yoga class on Saturday morning. We were both pretty excited and I had never been to an actual class, so I was pumped to see what it was all about.

We assembled ourselves in the studio at 845am...a tad bit later, in walks the instructor about 10 minutes late ranting from the time she crossed the threshold about how she wears too many hats and is also a trainer (yadda, yadda, yadda). My bf and I looked at each other like - wow - this isn't how we expected to be talked to in yoga, but whatever...maybe the instructor got off on a bad foot...we all have bad days, right? :)

Needless to say her energy did not change. The negativity went on through out the remainder of the class. We could barely even hear any sort of relaxing music, she'd raise her voice a lot, got irritated when she asked questions and the class didn't respond, and was very bossy about our poses. Saying things in a no-it-all tone, like "if I say for you to check your feet, that is because one or more of you are doing the pose incorrectly" OR "don't be sassy with your pose, this isn't about looking cute." WHAT!?!?

I wasn't relaxed at all. If anything I was afraid and up tight. At one point in time while doing a pose on the mat, my bf and I looked at each other and she said to me "she is not very nice" and I said "what is this, boot camp?" We both left the class feeling like we got a decent work-out, but we were bitter about the instructors missing softness for lack of a better word. Never having been to yoga, we thought that maybe we were misinformed and set our expectations incorrectly...regardless, due to the less than *fun* experience, I was reluctant to go again...

Fast forward to this morning...we decided to try yoga one more time with another instructor...545am...sitting in the studio on our mats and in walks the teacher...there is an immediate noticeable difference...she is soft spoken, there is sweet relaxing music playing, she has an encouraging tone and just a positive & enjoyable energy. The next 75 minutes proved to be both relaxing and yet so challenging. I have to say that I am very pleased with the 180 that yoga has taken for me in the last week. After Saturday I thought I'd never go back, but after today, I'm really looking forward to going again.

Moral of the story is - don't give up! One bad experience does not necessarily mean it is time to throw in the towel...now if today would have been terrible as well, I'm not sure that I would have returned -EVER - but I certainly am pleased that we decided to give it another go!

PS - the strength that you feel after yoga is amazing...it is like it comes from deep within the threads of your muscles! Very cool! The only drawback is that I am so hungry all the time. It is 11am and I have had an english muffin, and egg sandwich, and a pack of cheese/peanut-butter crackers AND I'm wondering what is for lunch :)


The Sweet Family said...

Yay, your back!

I love YOGA. I really need to research for a class here as I totally enjoyed it. The "drill sargent" instructor sounded like everyday life interrupted her . . sour pus!

Glad your back!!

Kelly A said...

I am glad you stuck it out!! Yoga is something that I am always thinking about doing.....just haven't yet!!!

I am hungry like that too. I guess your body just needs more. I cannot lift any kind of weights if I haven't drank enough water and eaten enough food that day. Very discouraging:(

You will have to keep us updated on how the yoga continues and how it changes your body!

Amanda said...

Yes, don't give it up!!! You just have to experiance yoga with the right instructor and I'm so glad you did! Its stinks to have a bad experiance too since as you know, yoga is the best.

I start up yoga again at my old place tomorrow, even though they don't have a prenatal class, they will take it easy for me and understand my limitations:)