Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"Please Mr. Postman"

Sometimes it is so ironic how you can have a random conversation with someone one day and then the same topic pops up somewhere the next day.

I was just discussing with a friend how much I do not like getting mail and all of the reasons that I do not enjoy mail & then I saw a reference to a similar "complaint" on one of the blogs I read.

I used to enjoy stopping at the mailbox. Once upon a time I was actually anxious to see if there was a letter in there for me (back before I had bills). Sort of like that oldies song "Mr. Postman." I remember always making sure mom and dad got the mail & going through it looking for fun catalogs...this sort of excitement followed me up until about a two years ago when I completely stopped caring about the mail and starting despising it.

I used to think that it was because of where I lived...the mailbox was a good 1/4 mile from my house and I had to stop on the way home, get out of the car, etc. It was real annoying when it was raining, snowing, super cold/hot, or after dark (remember my fox story?) & I really thought I was just lazy. The mailbox was huge, so I could go a good 1-2 weeks without stopping...I'd always look at it as I passed and sort of feel neglectful as I drove on by...

Then I started to notice the guilt that I felt for all of the junk mail that I threw away. It is just such an incredible waste! My practice became to go through the pile and sort it into keepers and tossers...I'd save the catalogs to look at while I ran on the treadmill, but that act also caused me to want to shop more. I wanted everything in EVERY VS magazine!

I also don't enjoy finding a place for the things that I decide to keep. I do not like filing. I do not like keeping all of the crap for years. To me, it is pointless and a complete waste of time. I mean everything is online these days!

I sort of thought that at my new place I would check the mail a little more regularly, in part b/c my mailbox is about the size of a small shoebox AND in part due to the convenience of the location. Let's just say that this has not been the case! Unless there is something that I know I am expecting, I'll walk by the mailbox for days...sometimes for over a week+ without checking. Most of my bills are online, so I'm not ignoring my finances. I also thought that through moving, the number of catalogs I receive in the mail would diminish. For well over a month now, I have not received anything, but the retailers have found me! When I went through a weeks worth of mail two nights ago there were VS and JCrew magazines addresses to ME and my new address. HOW ON EARTH DID THEY FIND ME? I have NOT ordered anything! It is like there is a conspiracy between the folks at the post office and corporate America to sabotage my brain and my wallet no matter where I reside :)

I think I need to try to do better about stopping off at least a couple times a week. Then the task doesn't seem so overwhelming and maybe I won't feel so guilty about throwing virtually every piece of mail that I receive away - if the toss pile is smaller. Don't get me wrong, I like getting cards and invitations...those things are FUN, but my stubbornness about the whole situation has caused many of those items to sit in the mailbox until well after the event has passed. When my best friend mails me something, she tells me to check the mail...she knows I won't see it for a while if someone doesn't prompt me to do the darn thing!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Something old ~ Something new

I am so excited right now that I can hardly stand it! Clearly, it is NO SECRET that I get a little geeked out over "The Wizard of Oz"...and I guess the wonderful thing about it not being a secret is that when people that know me see something from the WOZ, I usually get an email or a phone call. YAY!

Today, one of my very, very dear friends SC sent me an email with a link to a WOZ play at Warner Theatre in Washington, DC - and guess who has tickets!!!!???!!! ME!! I do!!! I'm a little beside myself right now :)

Right after I got the email from SC, I checked out the link, confirmed a play buddy, and bought two tickets for $15.00 off!

Thanks SC!!!!! YOU ROCK!!!!!


I also wanted to share that I am in love with these great songs:

And Taylor Swifts new album is a knock out of the park...IMO! "White Horse" - "You're Not Sorry" & "Love Song" are all on the iPOD!

Happy Wednesday & HUGS!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"Do not go gentle into that good night...

Rage, rage against the dying of the light..."

The title to this post is from a poem by Dylan Thomas. I remembered this from a great movie called "Back to School" from 1986 starring Rodney Dangerfield...GREAT FLICK, but the real point of the title is in relation to my last post from this past Thursday.

After venting to my readers about the sad Redskins game news, I proceeded to tell my boss and show my disappointment & then I went and talked to one of the VP's going to the game...I was respectful, polite, and sort of made light of the whole scenario, but I definitely let them know how I felt...I was not giving up hope! Check Spelling

During one of my chats, I went as far as to sing the Dolly Parton song "9 to 5" from another 80's movie, but I changed the lyrics for everyone to "Working 9 to 5, and then they take away your ticket!" Again, I was bitter, but I was trying to have a little fun with it and cheer myself up...

As luck would have it, my diligence paid off...on Friday around lunch time, I was given back my ticket to the game! I was so pumped! Come to find out both my boss and the VP spoke to the person in charge of the tickets and confirmed how unfair it was to treat employees that way & to tell us basically us right before the game after several weeks of thinking we were going...

The suite at FedEx Field was SO awesome! We were basically right on the 30 yard line and had an great view of the field. We had good food and a warm/comfy place to was super cold out, so sitting in the stands would have been bone chilling! Even though the game was a real heart breaker...I had a wonderful time and I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity that was given to me.

I will say that my company was entertaining a LARGE that is headquartered in Austin, Texas...four that part WAS NOT FUN! I tried to be a good sport, but it was SO annoying to hear the person next to me CHEERING for the COWBOYS. I was gritting my teeth for most of the second half and by the fourth quarter it was all I could take to witness the gloating. I guess beggars can't be choosers!!!

I'm still proud of my team :)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hope you ALL have a WONDERFUL time :)

As luck would have had it, my team at work was invited to join our corporate suite at FedEx field for the Redskins vs. Cowboys game this coming Sunday night. I love my Redskins and have not been to a game in a very long time, so I have been super excited for a few weeks now. I was not only going to a Redskins game, but against the COWBOYS for goodness sakes! How awesome is that?

Of course as the work week has begun winding down, there has been a lot of chatter in the office about the upcoming game - who's going - where are we meeting - tailgating - everything I LOVE about going to a live sporting event. Due to all of the discussions, my excitement had risen to a level of spastic anticipation...

Well, a couple minutes ago, the coordinator of these events pops up at my cubicle (the same person who was asking me yesterday if I was "excited" and talking to me about the tailgate) and informs me, after a LONG LINE of excuses, that one team member and myself have now been axed from the list of attendees!!! Apparently, a couple VP's decided they would like to go to the game and because of that, the LIST had to be scrubbed. I mean. really? Is that a nice way of telling me that I am a bottom dweller? That I don't rank? That I'm not important enough?

At the end of our brief chat, this individual looked at me with pity and said "I'm sorry, I know you must be disappointed." Um, disappointed? You have no -idea! "Disappointed" is putting it mildly! Now get out of my face before the fake smile that I am already wearing completely fades away and you catch some of my wrath.

Oh & PS - never look at me with that "I feel sorry for you" expression on your face ever again!

I hope you all have a WONDERFUL TIME (spoken with 100% sarcasm)!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Excuse me, is this yoga or bootcamp?

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently re-joined the gym. A new Lifetime Fitness opened in Ashburn on October 11th and it is literally only a few miles from my home and office. I am very proud to say that my bf and I have been very dedicated to our exercise program and we have been hitting the gym at lunch time on a regular basis (we do a lot of resistance training, which is an incredible work-out, but we don't get too sticky!). This past week, we decided to kick it up a notch and go to the gym for a yoga class on Saturday morning. We were both pretty excited and I had never been to an actual class, so I was pumped to see what it was all about.

We assembled ourselves in the studio at 845am...a tad bit later, in walks the instructor about 10 minutes late ranting from the time she crossed the threshold about how she wears too many hats and is also a trainer (yadda, yadda, yadda). My bf and I looked at each other like - wow - this isn't how we expected to be talked to in yoga, but whatever...maybe the instructor got off on a bad foot...we all have bad days, right? :)

Needless to say her energy did not change. The negativity went on through out the remainder of the class. We could barely even hear any sort of relaxing music, she'd raise her voice a lot, got irritated when she asked questions and the class didn't respond, and was very bossy about our poses. Saying things in a no-it-all tone, like "if I say for you to check your feet, that is because one or more of you are doing the pose incorrectly" OR "don't be sassy with your pose, this isn't about looking cute." WHAT!?!?

I wasn't relaxed at all. If anything I was afraid and up tight. At one point in time while doing a pose on the mat, my bf and I looked at each other and she said to me "she is not very nice" and I said "what is this, boot camp?" We both left the class feeling like we got a decent work-out, but we were bitter about the instructors missing softness for lack of a better word. Never having been to yoga, we thought that maybe we were misinformed and set our expectations incorrectly...regardless, due to the less than *fun* experience, I was reluctant to go again...

Fast forward to this morning...we decided to try yoga one more time with another instructor...545am...sitting in the studio on our mats and in walks the teacher...there is an immediate noticeable difference...she is soft spoken, there is sweet relaxing music playing, she has an encouraging tone and just a positive & enjoyable energy. The next 75 minutes proved to be both relaxing and yet so challenging. I have to say that I am very pleased with the 180 that yoga has taken for me in the last week. After Saturday I thought I'd never go back, but after today, I'm really looking forward to going again.

Moral of the story is - don't give up! One bad experience does not necessarily mean it is time to throw in the if today would have been terrible as well, I'm not sure that I would have returned -EVER - but I certainly am pleased that we decided to give it another go!

PS - the strength that you feel after yoga is is like it comes from deep within the threads of your muscles! Very cool! The only drawback is that I am so hungry all the time. It is 11am and I have had an english muffin, and egg sandwich, and a pack of cheese/peanut-butter crackers AND I'm wondering what is for lunch :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Election Day

I woke up bright and early at 5:45am today to head to the polls in Clarke County. I pulled in about 6:05am and the lines were not too bad at all; divided by A-L and M-Z - being a "W" I took my spot and began waiting.

As I stood in line, I looked around and started to get emotional...tears formed in my eyes as I thought about how epic this election is. There were several African-Americans in line directly in front of me, and no matter who they were voting for, I just really imagined how proud they must awesome this experience must be for them - regardless. This also made me feel very proud of my country and for the names on the ballot in general.

As it became my turn to check in, I told the volunteers my last name and presented my drivers license. I watched them scan the list for my last name and I only saw my parents and my head I we go! I was told that I wasn't on the list...

I am thinking that I just moved three weeks ago. I have not changed anything with the DMV. There is no way that I am not registered in Clarke! The volunteers then start to ask me a barrage of questions - 1) are you registered to vote? YES 2) did you just move to CC? NO, I have lived here for three years 3) have you voted in CC before? YES, multiple times.

One of the volunteers, who I know was only trying to help (and I thank her for being a volunteer) asked me multiple times if I had voted before. Please note that patience is NOT one of my virtues; however, I held my own for a few minutes until the third or fourth time she asked me. Here it is at 6am, I'm still in my PJ's, the dog is in the car, I HAVE NOT brushed my teeth (didn't expect to have a ton of people up in my face), no coffee, and I am trying to figure out IF I am going to be able to vote before I leave town this afternoon...anyway, upon being asked yet again if I had voted before, I looked her square in the eye and boldly said "I am 29 years old, this is the third presidential election that I have voted in!!!" (blowing my bad morning breath all in her face...I'm sure she regretted asking me for several reasons!!!).

The next thing I know, I am pulled out of line so we can call "Barbara" at the courthouse. She runs my social and informs me that I am set up to vote, but under my married name (my name that I changed back in March of 2008; I changed it at DMV and I changed it at the Clarke County courthouse!!!). Apparently these changes can take some time to make it through the is what it is.

I explained to the powers that be that I was listed under my old last name "F". I had to tell about four different volunteers my story. Each one said "oh, your married name hasn't taken effect" OR "oh, I see, you are still listed under you maiden name." Neither of which was the case. Having lost all patience by now (these poor people), the same lady that I had snapped at to tell her that I was 29 years old blah, blah, blah...asked me if I had sorted everything out. I told her yes, that it was b/c I was listed under the incorrect last name - she said, "oh, your maiden name" AND she directly caught my fire..."NO, I am listed under my married name and that is no longer correct, I should be under my maiden name!!!"

After all of the delay, the only thing that kept me from going over the edge, was that the kind people helping me exercise my right to vote, allowed me to butt to the very front of the A-L line. The next thing I know, someone who is present to protect voters shoves a form in my face for me to fill out stating the issues I had run in to. G-R-E-A-T! His goal, a very noble one, is to work to ensure that these sorts of things do not happen to voters. I filled it out and thanked him, but I was really just ready to get the whole thing over with.

It was a frustrating morning at the Boyce Volunteer Fire Department to say the very I left, I just reminded myself of a phrase I reference often, which is nothing worth having necessarily comes easy...

DISCLAIMER: I am very thankful for the right to vote and for all of those who have worked so hard and sacrificed to pave this road for me :)

Monday, November 3, 2008


Hey ya'll!!!

I'm back! Well hopefully...JK! Life has been hectic for the last month or so. I'm sure it has been for everyone. Here is a little bit of what has been going on:

I feel like things are almost settled from the move - YAY! The TV and the dressor mirror are still on the floor, but oh well!

I celebrated my 29th birthday, which was awesome, great, and wonderful!

I went to the Long Branch Wine Festival with my brother and Brittany.

Ijoined the gym again (it has been years) and I go at lunch time a lot, which was previously my blogging time.

I traveled to Arkansas to visit my dear aunt and attend a University of Arkansas vs. Ole Miss football game (a 5 day trip).

I went out of town on a pseudo camping trip for the weekend.

Now I just found out that I'll be leaving town for work travel tomorrow afternoon through Thursday evening.

Um, in my older age, this schedule is starting to catch up with me & I'm sort of getting a little tired! I feel like I'm never home & all of this life jazz lately has made it hard to take time to post.

Tonight I'll go home after work, pack for my trip, throw a few things in a small bag & then drive out to my parents to stay so I can ensure that I vote tomorrow morning...I'm still registered to vote in Clarke thing I have not had time to take care of. Surprise mom and dad - I'm on the way!!! LOL!

Can you believe it is NOVEMBER? For you Ellen watchers..."No-way Novemder-WHAT???"

Love ya'll & have missed you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!