Monday, October 6, 2008

Two Guys, a Truck, and their TIP...

As I may have mentioned before, I decided to call movers to lug the furniture to my new place and spare my family and friends some of the moving agony. I scheduled the move with "Two Guys & a Truck" for last Thursday. I had lined up mom to be at my house to let the mover's in & I met them at the condo.

I had spoken to my BFF earlier that day and she made a comment about not tipping the movers...interesting I had never even thought about tipping them...I am already paying so much...taking her advice I arrived at the condo to let them in without any cash for a tip.

I started to feel pretty guilty as I sat on the couch and watched the "Two Guys" carry everything in and set it up. I began to feel as though this job was worthy of a the last piece of furniture was carried in, I was informed that they would tally up my final total, have me sign a bunch of forms, and we'd be done...

I walked outside & met them at their truck to sign off on the paper form asking me if I would refer future customer to them - I checked YES.

After all the signing, the One Guy did the calculations for my total and the second guy starting making small talk. Um, I was told that I looked better with my sunglasses on. To that I replied with a sarcastic thank you and told him it wasn't a compliment. Then he asked me if I was going to live there alone, and said if you are - wouldn't you be afraid, asked if I had a husband or a boyfriend, what kind of car do I drive (where are you parked)...all of which made me feel extremely uncomfortable. I started to do my best to ignore him - HOPING - that I could soon pay and leave.

Then the second guy says "so, I asked your mom about the tip and she said you would be taking care of that." I mean, I'm sorry, but since when does someone ask you for a tip???

I informed him that I had never used movers and that the thought of providing a tip had not crossed my mind. I then told him that I did not have any cash on me, but that I would contact his company and ensure that the two of them were taken care of for a tip. I know that these people don't know me from Adam (and there was a slight language barrier), but I meant what I said AND he basically refused to believe me. He kept saying that if I didn't tip them then - they wouldn't get it, which I find HARD to believe. I began to wonder if they were expecting me to go to an ATM or something.

After being asked a couple more times about a tip and after assuring them (at this point to my dislike) that they would receive a tip. I said thank you and walked around to the other side of the building to my car. I put in my cell phone ear piece and the next thing I know, the second GUY is at my car and knocking on the window. Miraculously, he has found a spot on the credit card form that allows me to enter a tip. Now, what do you know about that?

I am irate, pissed, irritated, and more importantly - I'm scared. TWO MORE TIMES (with my car window cracked) I told him that I would call Two Guys & a Truck and make sure that a tip got to him - by now, I was saying this in order to get him to leave me alone. At this time, I no longer want to tip them. Here I have these two men who know my name, where I live, they know what I drive, they make assumptions about who I am living with, and they have a carbon copy of my credit card - I'm a little fearful & I would only tip them after this whole charade to ensure my safety.

At this point today, I am still somewhat torn about what to do. I did speak with the company today, but that was because they made an unauthorized charge to my debit card, which was about $70 in excess of what I approved and signed off on. I only had time to take care of that minor issue at lunch, but I will be calling back to deal with the badgering for a tip & informing them that I will never refer them to anyone - EVER!


SarahC said...

OMG! So sorry you had to deal with that! How scarey! I hate movers or delivery guys. We had two guys deliver furniture to our house when we first moved in and demanded a tip. Matt said he had no cash and gave them beer! So glad he was there and not me! FYI a helpful link. And no I would not tip those idiots! Especially if they made you uncomfortable and begged you!

Amanda said...

Yikes! What a weird and scary situation. Those two guys shouldn't have made assumptions and comments like that and to make matters worse, assume you were going to tip them.

I would let the company know how uncomfotable they made you feel, even in an email or letter. After how pushy and creapy they were, I wouldn't give them a tip.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info - we won't use them!! My sister lives alone and people who do work on the house (mainly men) ask her scary questions all the time. She often tells them she lives with someone - but doesn't specify who so they'll leave her alone!!! Hope everything in the new home is going well!!

Melis B said...

OMG ~~ what a nightmare. I think you should stick to your guns and NOT tip them! That is ridiculous to ask for a tip. I can't wait to hear what the company says when you call...keep us updated!!

jenn said...

Omg! I can't freakin believe that happened to you! I hate you had such a neagtive experience with that! That was supposed to make it easier not more stressful! You are handling it well. You do not HAVE to tip them, its nice to do so but something EXTRA, and they by no means should hound you for one. How rude! Be tough amy! You should of just told the a-holes you were moving in with a boyfriend or your brother or something.and that your dad taught you how to shoot handguns from a very young age:o) people like that getting nosey and up in your business, creep me out!! Not cool!
Glad you are moved in though! Good luck with your 5k!

Kelly A said...

Are you kidding me? I would have been freaked out too.


You need to call and rip that company a new one. No one should ever have to be afraid of a company they have paid for services.

Just know that I will NEVER recommend that company either.

I hope that you are doing well and are nice and settled in your new place!! :)

Michael B said...

Jerks! I would NOT be tipping, simply based on the harassment that you received.

Can't wait to hear more about your new place. I hope you are LOVING it!!

Hugs to you.


Ruggles said...

Dear god, that is a terrible terrible experience. One plus of living in Europe, nobody expects a tip ever (of course the quality of service also lacks...)! Even so, the way they treated you and pressured you is not good at all...not to mention charging your credit card without authorization, which is not 100% there not a law against that?? Glad you could take care of it :)

Jamie said...

That is absolutely horrible. I can't believe those jerks. I really hope that the company does something about the way their employees treated you, that is totally unacceptable.

Can't wait to hear about your new place. Hope you are enjoying it, and enjoying a much shorter commute too.

Take Care,

The Sweet Family said...

NO Posts in 2 weeks, are you ok?

I hope your new place is everything you hoped it would be.

BTW, any word on the call to the movers?

I miss you!!!!

Hugs, Amy