Monday, September 29, 2008

"Why does everyone have to move?"

The title of this post is a question that Aliyah asked me yesterday. I didn't get to spend much time with the peanut this weekend, but thankfully we all got together for lunch at mom and dads yesterday.

Anyway, somehow my move came up - I believe dad may have asked when we were doing everything...Aliyah was sitting beside me on the couch and looked up to me with fear in her eyes - she had lots of questions...

P: You're moving?
A: Yes
P: but why?
A: because someone else is going to live in Aunt Amy's house

A: Remember the Chuckie Cheese we went to?
P: Yes
A: Well, I am moving really close to that & close to where I work
P: So you are moving FAR away?
A: Well it's about an hour
P: Why does everybody have to move?

A: I don't know sweetie...
P: Well, am I going to be here to help you move?
A: No, I am moving next weekend, so the next time you are with Daddy I'll be living at the new house
P: Well, can I come and see you at your new house?
A: Of course you can...I hope you do!
P: Well, are you still going to come to Grams?
A: Yes, I will always come to Grams...I have to come and see my Peanut...

At the end of the conversation, I felt so sad for her. Aliyah has moved several times since her mommy and daddy separated. Luckily through out the last few years, Josh has remained in the same house, so there is stability and a familiar environment for her. She knows that daddy's house is for sale and he will be moving...she knows that Gram and Pop-pop are building a new house...not too long ago her other grandparents she hears that I am moving.

I realized by the look on her face and the questions that she asked - that the change is not necessarily welcomed and can be confusing. A sense of home is so incredibly important to all of us at any age. It is a security that we depend on a sense of safety that can not be replicated - a haven that allows us to relax, recollect, and rest before heading out into the world again...where you always know that you can find your loved ones...

I can't NOR would I change the fact that Aunt Amy will no longer live right down the road from Gram and won't be as easy to call me to come over to breakfast or to run to town to see a movie or go shopping, but one thing that little girl will learn (if she doesn't already know it) is that I would fly around the world and back to spend just a little time with matter where I matter where this journey takes me, she will always be a part of it and I will always be there for her.


Michael B said...

This post made me tear up, Amy. I thought about Aliyah as soon as I heard your good news. She's really going to miss having her Aunt Amy around the corner from her Grandparents' home! : ( She doesn't realize this, but she does have SHOPPING and CHUCK E CHEESE to look forward to when you move! (The best of both worlds, I think...)

She sure does love you!


Amanda said...

Aliyah will def miss having you down the street, but she will learn soon that (like you mentioned) you will be there for her no matter what!

Anonymous said...

Oh me and my hormones, cried over this post! She will definitely realize Aunt Amy will always be there no matter what, but in the mean time I see lots of spoiling on the horizon!haha I want to get together to see your new place! Kate said you sent pics, but I didn't get them? Can you send again! Lots of love women!xoxoxo