Friday, September 19, 2008

Not sure what my deal is

Lately I have been getting back into rap and R&B (WHAT?) - mainly because I think the songs are FUN and I can dance along to them while I am driving :)

I still flip to through the POP and COUNTRY stations regularly...I just have a few extras one programmed

I have many *FAVORITE* new songs at the moment, but the one that I want to share is Pink's new song called "SO WHAT" - it SO rocks!!!!

Check it out :)

Other songs to note are:

Leona Lewis - Better in Time

Kevin Rudolf - Let it Rock

Christina Aguilera - Keeps Getting Better

I get pretty excited anytime one of these comes on the radio!

TGIF & have a great weekend!!!


Melis B said...

OMG~~ That is SO my favorite song of the moment. I want to download it for my iPod to rock out while I'm running. I love it. I want to blast it when it comes on the radio too. :)

I think we may be dorks!! :) hee hee

Have a super Sunday!!

Kelly A said...

Pink has been one of my FAVORITES for years!! I LOVE her!! Her new song does rock, huh?!?!

Music is my savior!! I just don't know how I would live without it! :)