Wednesday, August 6, 2008


"The Chicken Dance"

Da da dun da dun da dun

Da da dun da dun da dun

dun dun dun dun
Or something like tune I have tried to put into words above, is what I have been hearing in my head on a daily basis for about the last month now!

I know you all have to agree on how frustrating it is when a song gets stuck in your head for days or weeks at a time...the even more irritating part is when you can't remember HOW or WHY that particular tune is lodged in your brain!

I personally really enjoy it when the song itself is so annoying that by choice, you would NEVER listen to it in a million years, and would change the radio in a heartbeat if it came on.

Well, things finally came to a head for me yesterday when I was walking down the barren hallway at my office and as the tune ran through my mind - I started flapping my arms around as if to do the Chicken Dance...WHAT? Amy - come on! Are you really doing this right now?

I was only snapped out of my little dance party by the fact that someone came around the corner and asked me if I was trying to take flight. G-R-E-A-T! Nice one! I believe I felt my blood pressure rise as the warmth rushed to my face to change my skin tone to a nice shade of red!!!

Fast forward to today and apparently the play button in my mind is STUCK on this song because despite the embarrassment suffered yesterday, my cerebral cortex won't let it go!
Da da dun da dun da dun...

1 comment:

Amanda said...

Wow! Busting a move to the song in your head...nice! Its too cute!

I do hate it when a tune is stuck in your head and you have no idea when or why its there!

I hope it gets better for ya! A month is a long time to have the chicken dance stuck in your head :)