Friday, August 8, 2008

The single life...

So three things have happened this week - three things that have taught me major lessons for single life!

Story No. 1:
Last Thursday I met two funny guys while at happy hour. I was sitting by my lonesome tearing into some hot wings when they walked up and started a conversation. I was sort of bored from talking to my co-workers, so I didn't relocate and stayed to talk to the new people. In my little brain this is networking.

After chatting for a good hour, when it came time to leave they both asked to keep in touch. Reluctantly, I got a napkin and wrote down my email address - seemed safe enough at the time. One guy insisted on getting my phone number AND I felt bad, so I gave it to him! WHAT? In these situations, WHY do I worry about hurting others feelings?

So far this week, he called on Sunday and left a message, he sent an email on Monday, and then yesterday he texted me to see what I was doing that evening. I'll have you know that I responded to NONE of the attempts at conversation, so why did he keep trying? Is it that hard to take a hint?

Lesson #1) Give out false information - fake phone numbers and email addresses are ok. Or I suppose I could just say no? I may have to work up to that one.

Story No. 2
On the 4th of July weekend I went out with two girlfriends. We met up with some guy friends of one of the girls on Friday night and we were all talking about going tubing the next day. I grabbed one of the guys numbers and told him I would call the next day if we went down the river.

It was supposed to rain, so we didn't go tubing that Saturday. A month passes...the guy that took my number found me online this week and sent me a message to say hi. I responded saying WASSUP...the next time he wrote me back a BOOK. I am not kidding - it was so long that my head started to spin while reading...after wasting five minutes of my life I decided to skim the remainder of the diatribe. He told me how I hurt his feelings, asked me why girls always like the bad guy, wanted to know how I would feel if someone asked for my number and never called, and practically BEGGED me to give him a chance (it was sort of sweet, but really sad). All I can say is - Um, HELLO - someone needs boundaries!

I thought to ignore him, but I did decide to write him back to inform him that I only asked for his number to go tubing. I was not interested in him, I never was and I never will be. I mean, can't people just be friendly and hang out without wanting more?

Lesson #2) If you are not interested and you think the other person may be - casually start talking about the boyfriend that you don't have. The guy is prob not going to find out the truth!

Story No. 3
There is a co-worker at my job that has shown some interest and asked me out before. I told him NO - I don't date people from work and that I just want to keep things friendly. He just so happens to sit in the cubicle next to me; therefore, it is difficult, to say the least, to avoid contact. He really is a nice/funny person so we moved on from the AWKWARD moment of me turning him down and have been friendly - work acquaintances.

Yesterday I grabbed up my purse to head out to lunch and he stopped and asked what I was doing. I told him that I was headed to the mall and going to grab a bite at Chik-fil-a and that he was more than welcome to come along.

We headed to Nordstrom and when we first got there walked around for a few minutes together. During that time I saw an AWESOME REDSKINS hat...I tried it on - loved it, but it was $36 AND that seemed a little ridiculous for a hat. He and I divided and conquered and reconnected to grab lunch and then head back to work. On the drive back to the office...he reaches in his shopping bag and pulls out the hat. OMG!

I tried to play it off by saying "oh, YOU got the hat" as if to insinuate that he bought it for himself. He informed me that the hat was for ME. WHAT? Can you say UNCOMFORTABLE? Of course I told him that he "didn't have to do that" to which he responded by asking me not to make a big deal out of it, but come on $36 for a hat is not a "friendly" purchase!

Lesson #3) Just because you tell someone you can only be friends, doesn't mean that they get it. If they have expressed an interest in you, that interest probably isn't going to go away. The more attention you pay to them in the effort to make them a friend, the more hope they gain that they might have a chance for something more. Don't confide in them personal information, don't go to lunch, and certainly don't go shopping with them!

***PS - what ever happened to playing hard to get? I'm not even talking about major games here, I'm just referring to a little chase!!!***


Michael B said...

OH MY GOODNESS! (Wish I could insert an eye roll here.) Seriously?!?!

They all might be great guys, but ....SeRiOuSlY!!! What a turn off, in every. single. situation.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!

Love you, Katie

Amanda said...

WOW! I agree with all your lessons listed. Definitly have a stand-by fake # on hand for when you are out and about and don't want someone pestering you. Also, that is ackward when someone is interested in you and you just want to be friends, period!

Good luck getting the point across to the co-worker too! That is a tough one since you can't avoid him.

By the way, good choice in the hat though! Go Skins! Have a great weekend!

SarahC said...

Oh my! I would be flattered by all the attention, but seriously I have no clue as to why men are so desperate sometimes, or come across that way. But you can't blame them Watts! You are an amazing woman!

Ruggles said...

I must say I would support the building up to saying "NO". The guys definitely think that going to lunch, shopping, whatever is going to lead to more even though you told them otherwise! Oh, the woes of dating... :) Enjoy it!

Melis B said...

I love it...I love your stories. I can't believe them...but I love them. And men say woman are the ones with weird relationship!! :)

Keep sharing those stories. I love 'em.