Monday, August 4, 2008

How sorry are you?

A little delayed continuation of my story from last Thursday, but here it is!


"Please accept my apologies for following up to the shipping request sent. As the original mail did not include the on site due date (at times the date varies from what is listed on the sales order), I simply wanted to clarify that it is acceptable to our customer to use a method other than overnight.

Thank you kindly for the clarification of your role at Intelligent Decisions and your authorization to make the best decision with respect to shipping methods used.


Can you guess where the sarcasm lies? What is even better is the response that I received to my email.

Tail tucked between the legs response:

"I didn’t mean (or want) to come across as an a$$ before. You are the program coordinator and have every right to question anything. I apologize."

I will note that the sender chose to remove the bulk of the people from the original email distribution when the apology was sent. I also want to point out that I received an email from the senders boss stating that the general feeling is that these things are said/done on purpose and then the employee pretends to be sorry and wants to make up for it...


Michael B said...

Absolutely ridiculous! Can't even imagine...But, I will say that if anyone can take him on-- you can!! (I'd probably cry...)

Love you. Hope you had a great weekend.


Amanda said...

Yeah, that happens with me too. If there is an applogy response or you were right respose, the email only goes to me rather then the whole group. That urks me too!

That stinks that you had to deal with it, but it seems like you held your own too! Good luck with future encounters!