Thursday, August 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom!

The year was 1956...

-One of the top songs was "Heartbreak Hotel" ... by Elvis Presley

-A top movie was "War and Peace"

-"I Love Lucy" was the number one tv show

-Bob Barker made his TV debut as host of the Game Show Truth or Consequences

-Norma Jean Mortenson changes her name to Marilyn Monroe

But more important than any of the above or anything else that happened in 1956, on this very day in 1956, my mom was born.

Happy birthday mom! I love you!


Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Amy's mom!

Anonymous said...

Holy cow, your Mom is BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I cannot believe she is over 50!!

Michael B said...

Your mom just continues to get more beautiful each year. : )

Happy Birthday, Mrs. W!!

Love, kate

And....your beach trip is DAYS AWAY!!!!!! Wahooo!! We'll leave it in good shape for you, okay? : )

Jamie said...

Hope your mom has a great bday. Love all the pics.

Take Care,