Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Go shorty - it's UR birFday...

We gonna part-E likes it's UR BiRfDaY! hahaha!

Celebrating the little peanuts 5th birthday this past weekend was tons of fun. Friday night I met the fam for dinner and Josh gave Aliyah her gift...He bought her the portable Nintendo gadget -it was so funny to watch her open it. Let's just say that upon unwrapping the box, her face was LESS THAN THRILLED (it was obvious that she wasn't following - I mean it was a box with a picture of something electronic on it - who cares, right?).

Shortly there after, Josh got the gadget out for her to play with and she was instantly hooked. He put it away during dinner and the next thing you know - Aliyah is whining is saying how tired she is - we all knew it was B/C she wanted to be able to go home and play with her new gift...ah - gotta love the attempts at manipulation!

Sunday a bunch of the family met up at my parents to have ice cream cake - YUMMY! Aliyah got to open quite a few more presents and it was obvious to us that she needed a little lesson in gift opening etiquette!

Aliyah LOVES Hannah Montana - shocking, I know! Both my cousin and my aunt bought her a H.M. Barbie doll...both times she opened the Barbie gift...she got this snooty little look on her face and proclaimed that "she already had 15 of these." I gasped *silently* as by eyes bulged out of my head and did everything I could to bite my tongue and not embarrass her by correcting in front of others.

I hate to talk about it, BUT I'm pretty sure that peanut's OTHER side of the family does not really work on manners with her. I know this because when she was three it was like pulling teeth to get Aliyah to say please, thank you, excuse me or anything of the sort (I'd get so irritated :)). One time we were at the movies and I had candy she wanted...I told her she had to say please...and she refused - what child refuses to say please for candy? Ergo - she didn't get any! Josh had to have a conversation with her mom about working on these things. There is only so much that can be done every other weekend - ya know? Luckily Aliyah has a bit of an innate politeness; however, everyone needs some instruction from time to time - even me!

Both mom and I pulled her aside on Sunday after she was done opening her presents to stress the fact that you always say thank you and that you NEVER tell someone that you already have what they bought you...OMG! :) After the little talks she went around the room and told every single person thank you and gave hugs...she gets it - just needed a reminder!


Michael B said...

What a sweetheart! You're right--all she needed was a little bit of direction from you and your mom. She's such an angel, Amy. It's really been fun watching Aliyah grow over the past few years. I'm so glad that you are able to spend so much time with her. Can't wait to see what the coming year holds for little Miss Aliyah!!


Amanda said...

OMG! Is Aliyah's other side of the family and Zack's related? They must be! Zack was/is the same way with manners. It was tough enough teaching him with every other weekend visits and now that its every 3 months, its almost impossiable since once he goes back to see her, all of our "lessons" are out the window.

But other then that, it looks like Aliyah had a wonderful birthday weekend!