Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Can we talk about this please?

Who remembers this classic cuff and the dozen names that it was called by? UH - Is Katie Holmes really serious?

I remember being late for my class that followed gym b/c I was still in the locker room trying to get the perfect cuff...

I know she is old enough to have rocked this in elementary/middle school BACK in the 90's AND I really thought this was one of those trends...you know, the kind that those who originally rocked it, would **NEVER* *EVER** fall victim to again!!!

Am I wrong here?

I now agree with the tabloids and think she needs help :) In the name of fashion - someone PLEASE intervene!!!


Noelle said...

oh no...is that a RECENT pic?? I hope that trend never comes back! HILARIOUS!

Kelly A said...

I saw that pic and thought the EXACT SAME THING!!!

I totally worked the cuff and double socks!

I seriously hope it's not coming back. It sure doesn't seem as cute as it did "back in the day"!!! :)

Michael B said...

no, no, no! i refuse to cuff my pants!

The Sweet Family said...

OMG, are you kidding me? No body does "the cuff" anymore. Do they?

I remember those days like it was yesterday. The question of the day Amy is, can you still "cuff it".

This is a funny post because me and the girls at work were just laughing about this fad last Friday.

Thanks for the fun post and have a HAPPY day!!

Amanda said...

LOL! Jeff used to do this back in HS (when I first met him too). We were just talking about it the other day too.

I hope she forgot to un-cuff her pants before she left the house and not trying to bring back the odd fashion!