Thursday, July 24, 2008

Um??? Did I do that?

I just got back to my desk from lunch not too long ago and I heard my cell phone going off in my purse.

When I finally dug it out, I saw that the name on the screen was my college roommates and dear friends husband. I found it a little odd. The last time he called me it was for a 30th birthday party. Quickly I thought #1) I hope everything is OKAY #2) maybe there is another PARTY or #3) maybe she is using his phone - STRANGER THINGS HAVE HAPPENED!

I was the hubby...

A: Hello?


A: Um? I'm at work

C: No, what are you doing cutting me off like that?

A: ERR? Excuse me? (thinking - I let you talk? What do you mean, cut you off?)

C: On Loudoun County Parkway!

A: Oh! I did?

C: Yeah, me and the whole line of cars behind me!

A: Uh - I'm so sorry - I had no idea that I cut anyone off at all!!!

I mean, do I need to go back and re-take behind the wheel or something? I hit my brothers girlfriends car and now I am cutting off friends and strangers and don't even know it. I think I dip off into my own little world a bit to much when I'm driving lately!

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Amanda said...

Everyone does it! I meant to tell you the other day that I backed into Jeff's car right after I bought my new van.

Jeff was on the side of the driveway and I was pulled up farther. I started to back out and didn't take note that Jeff didn't pull ALL THE WAY over like he should have and then I hear the loadeds scrap. I just stop and look forward with big eyes and saying holy *&%$ to myself.

I get out and my rear fender scratched along Jeff's passenger side door. Um, the stratches are still there two years later too. Oh, well!

I hope your friday is better and don't worry about cutting people off, it was true mistake!