Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kings Dominion

So yesterday mom, Josh, Brittany, Aliyah and I set out for Kings Dominion. As usual it was a little bit of a late start that was not helped out by the fact that I plowed into Britt's car when pulling out of my garage! I'm not used to any cars being in the driveway and although my car has a reverse camera in the dash - I chose to ignore the screen and just back out. A few seconds later we heard the nice sound of paint hitting paint. NICE! Nothing like started out the day with a kink in your tummy before you even get to a roller coaster!!!

We had the best time together at KD. Aliyah is a little taller this year, so her choice of rides expanded a bit. The park wasn't too crowded...the longest we waited in lines was about 30 minutes or so...the middle of the week is a perfect time to go. Aliyah rode the Rebel Yell for the first time and I rode the Volcano with Josh and Britt for the first time. I LOVE THAT RIDE! It was an exhausting, but super day. Playing is hard work - especially in the heat! I was ready to pack it up and head home around 6pm (is this what happens the closer you get to 30?).

Aliyah's new thing to say is "I'm serious." Last Sunday when we picked her up she got in the car and said "I went to the dentist and I pwuk-did (sp?) - I'm serious! I did...I'm serious!"

Yesterday on the car ride home Brittany was telling Peanut that she was going to eat her. Aliyah responded by saying things like "No, no, no - you CAN'T - I'm serious!" or "I taste yucky...I'm serious." or "I taste like lion pookie - I'm serious!" (whatever lion-pookie is...I'm not sure?!?).

We ended up getting home by 830pm, which was FANTASTIC and I was in bed and asleep by 10pm...just in time to be back at the office today. It is so strange to have a day off in the middle of the week! HOWEVER, I am here today and gone tomorrow again - YAY!!! I have a meeting with a customer downtown in the morning and then I'm off to have beach fun this weekend!

As I am sure this will be my last post of the week - have an awesome weekend!!!!

You can click here to see all of our pics from the day trip (not too many) :)

PS - Mr. Cute called today...we may be going to lunch one day next week.


Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a great day at KD. I haven't been there in years! Aliyah, is adoriable with her "I'm serious."

Have fun this weekend at the beach! And that is wonderful that Mr. Cute called! If you feel up to sharring, please do!

Michael B said...

Update on the lunch date.... PLEASE! : )

And, your KD trip looks like it was blast. Your family is going to have so much fun at EI this summer!!

Love ya!