Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Into The Wild

Regardless of the HEAT, last night I decided to go for a run outside - the treadmill can get so old. I had already picked up Bailee (this dog is so spoiled that he RARELY gets left at my house alone) and at times I will take him along on the run with me; however, it was still pretty hot out so I decided to leave him behind. As I closed the front door and headed off through the yard, I could hear the little guy letting me know that he was NOT ok with my decision. I feel guilty either way - if he goes his tongue is dragging the ground and he goes into a coma when we get home & if he doesn't go his little feelings get hurt. It's a lose/lose situation.

As my run was winding down, I spotted mom out on a walk. This is a VERY EXCITING time for mom and dad, as after 20+ years, they are getting ready to build a new house. Yesterday marked the beginning of the clearing of their lot AND mom was walking to take look at things. Despite the fact that I felt like my stomach was being RIPPED out due to hunger, I decided to tag along with her...

As we walked back we saw three deer run across the road right in front of us. This is pretty normal. I usually run with my iPod so that I don't hear all of the noises in the woods and get freaked out. This can at times almost cause me to have an accident *in my pants* as I am running along and a big buck leaps out in front of me! Mom and I eventually parted I got closer to my house and reached the tree line of my front yard - all of a sudden - I heard a noise...I looked to the right and a FOX - A HUGE FOX darted across the road about 10 yards ahead...and it came FROM MY YARD! G-R-E-A-T!!!!

I paused...and casually started going back in the opposite direction & about that time a car was passing by...I'm sure the driver was wondering WHY this girl was running towards his car and looking back over her shoulder...he slowed down and I could see him looking at me...I waved him on, but seriously I was SCARED TO DEATH.

I mean, this was not some little "cute" fox. The thing was a freaking giant. I would have thought it to be a medium sized dog, if it weren't for the GINORMOUS duster coming our of it's a$$! All I could be thankful for at that point in time was that Bailee was not with me...he would have gone APE$HIT at the sight of the animal and who knows what could have transpired.

The fox was headed towards my parents upon getting inside safely I immediately called mom to tell her...she informed me that I am not allowed to let Bailee go outside on his own...and I informed her that I'm pretty sure my running just got reduced to the treadmill in the basement for a LONG WHILE!


SarahC said...

Oh Amy, you CRACK me UP! I needed a good laugh! So happy little Bails was not with you! It must be really neat to see all that wildlife right in your backyard, but I bet it can be scarey too! I would stick with the treadmill too!

Amanda said...

Yikes! I would freak out too since you never know what is out there (yeah, I know that doesn't help). But at least Baily wasn't with you and that would have made things worse. Keep safe!

The Sweet Family said...

I think I would have been scared out of my mind as well!

Be careful girlie!

BTW, have you had lunch or spoken with Mr. Cute lately?

Michael B said...

Oh. My. Goodness!!

You definitely made a good call on keeping little Bailey home last night. I'm so glad you got home safe and sound. : )

I'm still just sitting here in amazement...I mean seeing a huge FOX! on your run. Holy cow!!

Melissa said...

Hahaha! They have lot of foxes here that just roam the streets (yeah in the city!) it's crazy. but they are not scary because they have never had rabies in the UK. So really they are just a nuisance that gets in the trash!

Ruggles said...

lol. Oh how I miss living in the woods - not! :) They're nice for a visit :)