Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I despise grocery shopping!

Well, I usually do anyway...things can change right?

Since I live about 20 minutes from a grocery store, my pattern is to stop off on my way home from work. I HATE adding time onto my work day, so the decision to go in the evenings typically makes me put off going as long as possible. I also hate that I'm already hungry - actually staving by the time 6pm rolls around (which is never a good time to go to the grocery) and that my feet are usually absolutely killing me.

Anyway, I finally went last night, after about 4-5 weeks since my last visit, I figured it was time.

Other signs were:

-Eating cereal for dinner two/three nights last week and for lunch on Saturday
-Having an egg sandwich for dinner...I love breakfast food, BUT not every night for dinner!
-My co-worker bringing me lunch for two days in a row b/c I was draining our wallets going out to lunch
-Digging through my box I packed up from my old job (which I left in MAY) to find snacks to bring to work - what??
-Opening the refrigerator and pantry doors at my house and feeling SAD, DEPRESSED, AND HUNGRY...

Of course the fun continues when you get home i.e. carrying in all of the bags and putting stuff away that typically tacks on about 15 minutes to the entire process, which is AWESOME b/c then you get to look at the the yummy stuff that you still can't eat b/c the shopping job is not yet complete. BUT I guess there is always the option to buy something to MUNCH on in the car on the way home...for whatever reason, even though I think about this when I am shopping, I never break a seal on the way home because as I am putting bags in the trunk I convince myself that I can wait...

Despite the fact that I tend to prolong the food shopping experience, I am always so happy when I get home and have so many choices that I am actually overwhelmed. When this occurs, it generally takes me as long to figure out what I want for dinner as it did before I went to the grocery store and had nothing to chose from, but the meal outcome is much more in my favor.

The deal-maker for going last night was the fact that I had a pair of flip flops in the car that I was able to swap my heels for. I think I may be onto something here - who would have thought it couldbe so easy? I realize that it is a novel idea, but I believe if I could actually be semi-comfortable, I'd be much more inclined to visit The Food Gods a little more regularly and not despise it so greatly!


Amanda said...

I don't like to go grocery shopping either, its such a chore! I take my FIL along and it makes the trip a little better.

As for changing shoes, I agree 100%. I change my shoes whenever I go out after work, even if they don't go with my outfit, I put on cumfy shoes. I like your idea, keeping a pair of flip flops in the car for emergency stops is a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Another idea you may try is online grocery shopping. I don't know where you are in Virginia, but Harris Teeter, Door-to-Door Organics and Peapod all do delivery. With the current cost for petrol (and the convenience!!!!) I think its worth it. I've compiled a list of resources at http://www.centsible.net/grocery-delivery.shtml if you'd like to check it out. Even more comfortable than flip-flops (but I love what we moms come up with to try and maintain sanity and comfort!).