Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Friday Vineyard Visit

Friday I had the best time visiting with two girlfriends and going to local vineyards. We went to the Hillsboro and Purcellville area off of Rt. 9. Made me feel like I really take for granted where I live sometimes.

We Visited:

Hillsboro Vineyard; I rec the Serefina and the Moonstone

Doukenie; I am now a member (long story), but I rec the Mandolin and the Raspberry Dessert Wine

Loudoun Valley Vineyards; their Riesling and Classic White were sooo good!

Saturday Aliyah Stories

Saturday I joined up with my family at the campgrounds. I spent a ton of time pushing Aliyah on the swings and being terrified as she went down the slide.

She found a little inch worm and had to show Gram

Aliyah is a follower. She saw two older kids that would start out on the slide tummy down/ backwards and roll over to their bumms mid way down. I studied her absorbing the sliding style of the other children, but knowing how cautious and reserved she is - I thought there was no way she would be so brave.

The next thing I know I saw her at the top of the slide on her tummy about to go down backwards. I thought -OMG- she is really going to go down backwards & I better be at the bottom to help just in case...well about that time she headed down and started to roll over to her backside (it was an extremely cautious attempt on her part to roll over & you could tell by her movement that she herself was not sure about what she was getting ready to do), but all I saw were her legs coming over the edge of the slide. SO, I straight up panicked!

She was soon there after standing safely at the bottom and I found myself rushing over to her to tell her that she goes down the slide on one side or the other, BUT NO TURNING!!!

This makes me wonder what type of parent I will be. I don't want to be the one that hovers at all times to try to ensure that their child does not get hurt, but at the same time the kids might need a little direction on safety!

My very best memory of Saturday with the family at the campgrounds was watching the fireworks. Peanut crawled up in daddy's lap and I was sitting next to them listening to the few comments that were made...

Aliyah: Daddy, when it goes boom, boom it sounds like a monster
Josh: silence
Aliyah: Daddy, when it goes boom, boom it sounds like a monster
Aliyah: DADDY!!
Amy, Mom, Josh: YES, YES it does sound like a monster :)

She was referring to when the fireworks would shoot up in the air - the sound of them taking off makes a distinct noise...

I loved sitting in my chair and taking it all in...the silence that en captured the once very loud campground, the way everyone was looking up smiling...it made me realize that I never want to miss the fireworks around the 4th of July ever...it is such a special time...a few moments when everyone is happy.


Amanda said...

Mmm, wine! Thanks for the recomendations if I am in the area.

Sounds like you had a great time this weekend with everyone. Its wonderful when you can just relax and take in everything around you.

Michael B said...

Ahhh...a nice glass of WINE!! Yummy!! Only how many more months?!?!

Can we please do a vineyard tour for my birthday next year??!!?? : )

I'm so glad you had a great weekend. Aliyah and Josh's conversation was just too cute. She's a sweetie.

Love ya!

Kelly A said...

John and I were recently talking about how we need to visit a vineyard. I am SO jealous!!!

It sounds like you had a AWESOME Holiday weekend!!! If you took any pics of the vineyards you should definitely share!!! I would LOVE to see what they look like!! :)