Monday, July 28, 2008

Do you eat bacon?

Ok, so I got the funniest email from my aunt last week - at least I thought it was hilarious.

I hope she doesn't mind, but I thought I would share it here...this is not a forward :)


" ya know how some days, you see something and you just have to sit and think...Hmmmmmm...

As most of you know, I live just up the street from the SPCA (animal shelter). Along with a large building to hold all the different animals there is also a corral of sorts and it often has horses, llamas .....and today a PIG!

So, I think to myself, I understand the concept of being tired of your pet, or can't take care of it any longer so you take it to the SPCA to be adopted out to another home.

But IF...and I am saying this is a really BIG IF.....IF you HAD a PIG for a pet (not the little cute pot belly kind but a full grown 400lb pig)....exactly when do you decide you've had enough...when it rolls in mud one too many times....gains a little more weight than you that in it's self can make one say...Hmmmmm.....but THEN.....what imbecile would think to take the PIG to the SPCA?!?!?!

Am I the ONLY one who has heard about BACON!?!?!?!?

THEN, this got me to thinking. WHAT IF>>> I were to go "rescue the Pig"? I only have to have it spade or whatever it is that one does to a pig and it's only $25....and then I can bring it home. I am thinking that is a LOT OF PORK FOR ONLY $25!!!!

Do I see yet another blessing come my way in disguise!?!?!?

We will be like Bubba on Forrest Gump....we'll have Pork Chops, Pork BarBQ, Pork Loin, Pork roast, Pork Rinds, Pork feet, ya see where I am going with this one!?!?!? (and before anyone suggests, no there'd be no Pork Mountain oysters cause that is what the "spading" is for at the SPCA!!) LOL

Does this qualify me as an opportunist or a good Samaritan?!?!?!

I just realized most people don't ever have this issue come up for them.....I guess it's cause I live in the country! with wayyy too much time on my hands! :)"


Thanks for the LAUGH!!! AND here is me annoying you again to keep up with that blog because you crack me up!


Ruggles said...

Since when did you start wanting to kill pigs and make bacon out of them?!?!? This post seems like you have gone years without eating greasy pork or something :) lol

Amanda said...

Since I live in the city, I never knew that the SPCA could take farm animals! And that is a great question, when is it that you decide to give up that pig!

Thanks for the laugh! Keep it up!