Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Dating Game

Ok, so this post it taking the BLOG to a place it has NEVER been before, but it's all about sharing so here goes...

Over the course of the last six months I have dabbled in dating. Sure it would be nice to have someone around. For obvious reasons I was used to that, BUT it has been nice to spend time just taking care of me! Some of the "dating" was more serious (as serious as you can be in three weeks) than others. Sometimes I didn't realize that I was going out on dates - that was until I was informed by a girlfriend that a guy never asks a girl to dinner because he wants to be friends. SILLY ME!

On occasion I'll go to happy hour with co-workers on Thursday nights. I never go into happy hour with the thought pattern that I may meet someone. I'm there to hang with my people and that's that. I usually avoid making eye contact simply because I don't feel like talking to strangers (especially at a bar).

This past Thursday I was sitting out on the patio of a local restaurant chatting with the girls and I noticed this fella through the window. He was cute and seemed to be looking my way every now and then. Time passed...

A little later a friend of mine and I walked in to use the bathroom and were immediately bombarded by a completely OBNOXIOUS male who continued to tell me #1) how he had been watching me all night and observing how good I was with people (OK -WEIRD!!), #2) that he was not interested b/c he is married (I think he spotted the concern on my face) #3) that he was a recruiter and if I ever wanted a job in sales to call him (UM, NEVER!!!).

About this time a friend of the cute window guy from earlier decides to come to our rescue by taking us over and introducing us to his friends....somehow I managed to talk to the guy that did the rescuing and not the cute guy for quite some time...the rescuer is married, has three girls, two are twins, and his wife has breast cancer...it was a very interesting conversation to say the least...

About 20 minutes into it - I was like - UH - what are you doing AMY? Why aren't you talking to Mr. Cute?? I am not usually forward and I wouldn't call stopping a conversation with the RESCUER so I could talk to MR. CUTE forward for anyone normal, but it was for me! After engaging in my new strategy, I ended up talking to Mr, Cute - for quite some time - and he seems to be an interesting guy...

Anyway, Mr. Cute asked if he could walk me to my car, asked for my number, open and closed the car door for me, and then called about an hour later to make sure that I made it home ok...I told him I accidentally left my debit card at the restaurant (probably too caught up in the fact that this nice guy wanted to walk me to my car) and he said "I wish I had known, it would have give me a reason to see you again." I laughed and then he told me that he already had a reason to see me again and then said "I'll call you next week." ME: "OK, talk to you next week."

The point of this post is that this is all so NEW to me. Very new. I have never really dated, and especially not at an age that I would consider adult or even close to where I am now in my life. It is exciting and it is super scary. I have questions!! What if he calls? What is he doesn't call? What if he isn't nice? What if he actually is nice and genuine? It's all so foreign and extremely bizarre.

I have to admit that I'll probably be slightly disappointed if I don't hear from Mr. Cute again, but at the same time - I can always chalk it up to practice, right?
AND - If anyone knows of where I can get a crystal ball - please contact me immediately!


Amanda said...

I think we should all have a crystal ball stashed in the closet, so if anyone knows...tell me too!

But as for Mr. Cute, he sounds like he will call you and seems like he is kind as well. I would definitly go out with him again to see how he is when its just the two of you without his friends around. Keep us posted! I'm on the edge of me seat waiting for more details :)

Kelly A said...

From what I know about your personality through your words I think you are going to do fine!!! You seem to be very genuine and personable!

"Mr. Cute" sounds like a real gentleman!!

All you can really do is take it all one day at a time and ALWAYS trust your instincts!!

I am glad you shared this and I look forward to hearing more!! :)

The Callas Family said...

Hey Amy! I love you blog. Hope you are doing well. Good luck with the dating game...it's been so long since I have been there too and I got butterflies for you just reading your post. I'm sure he'll call...he's crazy if he doesn't!

SarahC said...

I want to see a picture of this Mr. Cute! I know you had your camera with you! ;) I am so happy you are getting out there in the dating world! I would be scared too if I were doing that all over again as an adult. Just have fun with it! Guess I can't give too much advise since I haven't been in that boat since 19.....damn I'm old. Keep me updated on your adventures with Mr. Cute! Miss you & hope to see you soon!

Michael B said...

Oh wow!! I just can't even imagine, Amy!! : )

You do know that you'll have to bring whoever you date around, so that we can give him our seal of approval. Right? : )

Love ya!

James Nastek said...
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James Nastek said...

Hi Amy!

I can say from my experiences that dating is, well, both a pain in the a@# as well as rewarding. I'm not a bar/pickup person; never was, never will be. I am like u where I enjoy going out w/friends and hanging out. All my friends are constantly wanting to set me up, etc.

"You need to find someone" or "I can't believe ur not taken" are what they tell me. Well, I for one believe that if I'm supposed to meet someone, I will.

In meeting you on FB I see a ton of great qualities in You, starting with ur beauty, amazing smile and cuteness, and many similar interests we share.

So I am one individual that is hoping, well praying "Mr. Cute" does not call so I can have a chance to meet You. Being a Gentlemen is always important to me, as well as treating a woman with class and respect. You obviously deserve that!

Hopefully I will talk to you soon; check ur FB account for a few messages I left You. :-)

p.s. Volcano is my fave ride at KD & the Redskins rule!

Your Facebook "Secret" Admirer,

p.s.s. Dating can suck, I'll give anyone that. However, if we don't take chances now, later in life we'll regret it.

Jimmie Nastek said...
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