Thursday, July 31, 2008

A can of whoop ^&*

Today I got an email from a co-worker that made me so angry I could have spit fire. I felt like some poured water on me and I turned from a cute little GIZMO working sweetly in my cubicle into a full blown GREMLIN ready to tear someone a new one :)

I'll try to make this easy to understand and not boring...

Basically my team needs a shipment to be delivered locally to a customer tomorrow - from Ashburn to Quantico, Va. My team member instructed our warehouse to ship the product via overnight....I noticed this, so I followed up to the warehouse clarifying that the product only needed to be on site tomorrow, but did not need to ship via overnight...I made a few suggestions and said it didn't matter how it got there as lone as we had a tracking number to provide the customer...I am trying to save money here! Keep in mind while reading this that about 15 people are on this email...

This is my email to the warehouse:


If we ship via ground, will the product be delivered tomorrow since this is technically local?

We could use KOL or another courier to do a same day delivery/next day delivery. I don’t think this is a problem assuming they can provide a BOL number that we can keep on file. Would this be cost efficient?

Please advise."

This is the email I received back from the warehouse manager:

"Yes…but that is part of the reason I was hired, right? I have authorization to make the best decision from John. I will make sure you are provided with a traceable bill of lading number."

UM - WT&! ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I understand this tools job here and I appreciate their expertise - the last thing I need is someone telling me why they were hired!

Who does this person think they are??? CLEARLY, they do NOT know who they are messing with!!!

I pondered for a while about how to handle it. I am proud of myself for the outcome, but what do you think? What would you do if a co-worker sent you something like this?

I'll share my response later...someone who was copied on the email called me (knowing me) and told me that they could read EVERY WORD of sarcasm in my email (HA - VICTORY)...I bet the recipient (not knowing me) did not get it though :)

That is the SECRET to a saucy get your justice, but write it as if you are being nice and genuine ***EVIL LAUGH***!


Amanda said...

*I am having issues with my internet connection, so if I commented twice, sorry*

I can so relate with co-workers being so out of place, it just urks you! I completly know where you were coming from, saving money and trying to make sence of it all, and then a know-it-all steps in...whatever!

I can't wait to see what your responce was! Keep up the good work girly!

Michael B said...

You're too much! You totally crack me up!! I can't stand getting rude emails, especially at work. I usually can't contain my frustration with the individual and just march myself to the person who irritated me. (Which, usually doesn't help!) Sending a clever email back is much, much more fun. : )

Go get em, girl!

SarahC said...

Good old ID....seems to me things are still the same there! TGIF!! Glad you got your justice in the end!