Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A post for the women...

So, I feel like complaining this morning; that is a shocking statement, I know!!

Most times I appreciate the fact that I was brought into this lifetime as a female; however, there is that one time *every single month* where I could really do without having ovaries (which is what they tell me is responsible for the 12 weeks of H-E-Double Hockey Sticks a year)!

The timeline of my week...

Sunday: irritable, tired, night sweats, and crazy dreams

Monday: irritable, lethargic, sad, hungry, hot, chocolate cravings, night sweats, and crazy dreams

Tuesday: irritable, exhausted, depressed, random thoughts, hot, HUNGRY, bloated, cramped, HEADACHE, backache, and night sweats

Wednesday: the reason for all of the above finally arrives- of course the arrival does not mean that all of the above exists!

Clearly, none of this is any surprise to me as I (along with every other woman on the planet) have been blessed with this experience since middle school; however, every once in a while it is nice to daydream about the possibility of not dealing with it, but the reality is that in about 28 more days I'll be complaining again!!!

Happy Wednesday!!


Amanda said...

Oh {hugs} I hate that time of the month too. Guys just don't get it!

Also, the thing I hate too is if your are NOT PMSing and something comes our wrong or you state your mind, a ignorant guy says, oh she must be PMSing. We can never win!

Anonymous said...

I understand the night sweats - they are HORRIBLE!!!

The Sweet Family said...

I love this post. However, whenever you think about every 28 days, think of me. I go every 21 days. NOW, do the math.

For example: Every 28 days you have approx 13 a year.

With my every 21 days I have about approx 17 a year. Therefore, some months experience it twice.

And you thought you had it bad! hehehe

Kelly A said...

I TOTALLY feel your pain!!

Once a month it just plain SUCKS to be a woman!! But in the long run...we are WAY better!! Hee Hee!!