Monday, June 23, 2008

Mondee Updates

Hey ya'll!

My business trip last week went really well. I was only scheduled to be out of town Wedn-Thurs, but at the customers request my stay was extended until Friday. At the time I was informed (after 12am on Thurs), I was all for the stay, but the following morning I realized that I didn't have my laptop, my blackberry charger, or very many clothes left! Just like always, everything has a way of working itself out!

I think I failed to mention that I went to Boston, which BTW, is a super cool city. I loved it! I want to go back!! The really neat thing was that we got there right after the Celtics won the championship ergo there were GREEN jerseys everywhere!!! The victory parade was on Thursday and went right by our hotel - pretty neat stuff :)

I got home on Friday afternoon (refused to go into the office). My brief stop at mom and dads to pick up the dog, turned into fixing myself lunch, finding a couch, and sleeping for about 3-4 hours!

The view of Boston from my hotel room :)

Saturday morning we got together to take Aliyah to the zoo (I'll post about that later).

Saturday night I met up with a dear friend (I've known this person since 2nd grade) for a couple of hours and I sincerely had the very best time. I found myself wondering why I hadn't kept in better touch over the last five years. I had hoped to meet up again last night, BUT I was lucky enough to have my sinuses flare up again during the night on Saturday & they left me completely out of commission yesterday! I was one hot mess! I just hope my ears stay unclogged this time!

Despite all of the sleep I got both yesterday and last night, I am *TIRED* today...maybe I slept too much, but it was like my body was on a mission :)

Now about dad - his poor leg is still swollen. He went to his primary doctor towards the end of last week and again underwent tests for a blood clot, which came back negative (again - thank god). The doctor insinuated that it can take up to a few weeks for the B.C. to show up on tests. An MRI was ordered for 830am on Saturday (Dad couldn't go to the zoo :( not that it would have been good for him to be on his leg all day). We hope to hear the results of the MRI at some point today.

Thanks for check in on dad and I'll keep you posted!



Kelly A said...

I am glad you had a nice business trip!! I have always wanted to visit Boston!

I will say a little prayer for your Dad. The waiting is always the hardest part. I hope that the swelling starts to go down soon!

I hope you have a great week!!

Michael B said...

YAY! I'm glad you're back and so glad that you enjoyed yourself. And, Boston!?! How fun that must have been!!

Thank you for the update on your Dad, I've been thinking about him and your family a lot lately. I hope he can get some answers soon. I never knew that markings of a BC could show up that much later.

I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures from the zoo. Aliyah is so precious.

Again, I'm glad you're back and can't wait to catch up with you soon.


Amanda said...

Nice timing to be in Boston! I'm sure the city had a wonderful vibe while you were there!

Thanks for keeping us posted about your dad and just let us know his results. The best of luck!

You feel better too! It sucks getting sick during the summer.