Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Imaginative Excuses for Coming in Late

I'm in the midst of taking one of the MOST BORING tests EVER! My wonderful company signed me up to participate in an EMC (server storage crap - *BIG - HUGE - YAWN*) accreditation test, which I was originally told that I had until this Friday to complete - well - things change & I now have to complete it by tomorrow - YAY!

Anyway, I'm an idiot b/c I started one module of the five module test last week and was only using the power point slides online to locate the answers (sort of open book if you will). I got so frustrated b/c I could not find the answers on the slides...I felt like I was taking a test in Russian...literally! Needless to say, I shut down the test and took a short break, that lasted from last Wednesday to TODAY

Now that time is of the essence I can no longer afford to put this deal off, so I jumped right into it this morning. To my amazement, I discovered that there are SLIDE NOTES on the side of each page of the presentation that offer a TON of more info and believe it or not - the answers are in the notes too! EUREKA!

Thank God for small favors and for the fact that my brain eventually catches up!

Since module one and I didn't get along last week, I decided to start with module two this morning...we played much nicer together and I finished #2 with an 87% so I decided to reward myself with a break and while browsing online I found this article on MSN, which is/was PERFECT for me...

Imaginative Excuses for Coming in Late

Use your imagination

More than 27 percent of hiring managers say they are skeptical of employees' excuses for showing up late. It turns out their doubt is warranted: 24 percent of all employees decide to make up a fake excuse rather than tell the truth.

What does this mean to you?

If you're sitting in a traffic jam watching the minutes tick away and you've decided honesty isn't the best policy for you, think of a believable and acceptable reason you're walking in late. After all, if you were a hiring manager who heard any of these 10 real-life excuses for being late, you'd be suspicious, too.

**NOTE FROM AMY: Please really try to imagine yourself using these**

1. While rowing across the river to work, I got lost in the fog.
2. Someone stole all my daffodils.
3. I had to go audition for American Idol.
4. My ex-husband stole my car so I couldn't drive to work.
5. My route to work was shut down by a presidential motorcade.
6. I have transient amnesia and couldn't remember my job.
7. I was indicted for securities fraud this morning.
8. The line was too long at Starbucks.
9. I was trying to get my gun back from the police. (my personal favorite)
10. I didn't have money for gas because all of the pawnshops were closed.

HAHAHA! I could not stop laughing! Can't you just hear the dead silence coming from the phone and then your boss's response???

Ah well - that's it for me for now...module three is calling my name - yipee!!!


Amanda said...

That's so funny! I read the same thing this morning. I though if the excuss about Starbucks would really work?

Good luck at work today!

Melissa said...

haha. you could actually use the one about the presidential motorcade possibly! i like the ona about someone stealing your daffodils.

Michael B said...

Just the word "module" makes me feel tired and bored! : )

Thank goodness you're almost done. And, I LOVE the late excuses for work.