Friday, June 27, 2008

I have been a very bad girl...

Some of you may remember that about a month or so ago, I did a post about not buying any more shoes this season...

Well, I tried my very best - I promise I did, but unfortunately the effort to withstand didn't last long at all.

I was at the beach over Memorial Day Weekend and while standing in line to see a band, my BFF and I noticed that the girl in front of us had on the *CUTEST* flip-flop style shoes.

Of course upon returning home from the trip we looked everywhere for the shoes without much luck, BUT thank goodness for the Internet!

I am only writing about this purchase because I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the shoes. They are just so adorable!

The BESTEST (haha) part is that the style is "dressy" enough for me to wear to work, but can go either way!!! HOLLA!!!

Steve Madden is having a sale on this wonder right now...check it out!

Happy Shopping!!!


Melis B said...

You are SO funny~~those are adorable shoes!! I love them. You have GREAT taste!! I hope you truly enjoy them!!


Amanda said...

I {heart} steve madden! I am obsessed with his shoes. Thanks for the tip!

Michael B said...

Acck! They're so cute!!

Maternity bathing suit/new shoes?!?! Can't decide! : ) One will last MUCH longer than the other, I suppose...

Love ya! Had so much fun last night!!