Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

On Saturday night dad showed me that one of his legs was significantly swollen. I don't like to even begin to ponder something being wrong with either of my parents (I mean, who does?), so when he guessed it could be a blood clot - I immediately put that thought out of my head...I wanted nothing to do with the possibility!

My dad ended up spending a good chunk of Father's day making trips between urgent care and the hospital, while the medical experts tried to figure out what was the cause. I stayed calm through most of Sun. morning UNTIL I finished my work-out and saw that I had missed THREE calls from Josh and mom (if anyone is wondering - this is not normal). I listened to my VM and heard mom's message that they were leaving urgent care and going to the hospital and the doctor was sure it was a blood clot...

I hung up and called Josh & he seemed sort of relaxed about the whole thing, so I played off of his mood and tried to be cool...this lasted about ten minutes before I lost all composure while getting many thoughts run through your head and even if you try to stop them - it is difficult.

To shorten the story, a ton of tests were run at the hospital and it is no longer believed to be a blood clot (TG!); however, the symptom is still undiagnosed = 50% relief 50% worry.

Aliyah, Josh, Brittany, the dogs and I were all at mom and dads for a couple of hours anxiously waiting on them to get home...I made my best grilled cheese lunch for the four of us. When I told them that I was going to fix lunch Aliyah alarmingly looked at me and said "YOU KNOW HOW TO COOK?!?" Thanks for the vote of confidence Peanut!

After my parents got home we all hung out for a bit and then had dinner together. Dad always asks Aliyah is she wants to say grace. She does not like to be the center of attention, so she paused before responding. I told her that I love it when she says the dinner prayer so she clasped her little hands together, bowed her head and began:

"Thank you for Valentine's Daddy...thank you for Amy...and thank you for Gram...Amen"

After she finished, I so wanted to laugh (we all did), but it is was so cute and you want to make a big deal out of it just because, but you also have to be careful with their little spirit. It was clear to me that her reference to Valentine was LOVE for Daddy on Father's Day. She knew was she meant and so did we, but the way she chose to share it was adorable and priceless!

After dinner, we all piled into mom and dads room (where the only tv upstairs is) and wrestled on the bed, tickled, threw pillows...somehow Aliyah always ends up crying and of course Gram comes in to scoop her up and take her away until she calms down. This time when Aliyah came back, she went right to the horseplay and kindly reminded us that we needed to be gentle with her because she is "just a little kid". Without even hearing it, I knew the conversation mom must have had with her to explain why she gets hurt (more so her feelings) when playing around with us BIG KIDS.

We rounded out the day by riding the 4x4 around and having dessert...all in all a fabulous was one Father's day that I will never forget...I'll keep ya'll posted on dad too :) I went home for a little while and then back over to my parents. Josh has Aliyah this week and she was staying over at Gram and Pop-pop's last night.

My night's sleep or lack there of, from laying next to a 4 year old, is a completely different post!

As usual click here for all of our pics...I promise there are not as many this time! :)


SarahC said...

Happy to hear your Dad is okay. I know it must be frustrating to know something is wrong and can't be told what is causing it. Hope he can find out soon what it could be. Sounds like you had a great weekend with family, we did too! It was nice and relaxing for once!

Amanda said...

What a strange emotioal day you had. I hope everthing will turn out, but please keep us posted. Other then worring about your dad, it seems like you had a wonderful fathers day. Best wishes to you and your family!

Michael B said...

How frightening. Thank goodness he went to the Urgent Care and the hospital to get it checked out, there are so many people who avoid going to get checked out. I sure do hope and pray that the doctor's can give him some answers in the days to come.

Aside from the scare, what a wonderful day you had with your family! Aliyah is just adorable and you play such an important role in her life.

Love you!

Jamie said...

Glad to hear that everythings okay. Like Katie said there are so many people who don't get checked out. I hope that you guys get a straight answer and soon. It can be soo frustrating the not knowing and waiting. I'm sure that everything will be okay. Glad that even with all of that you were still able to have a good day. Love all the pics that peanut took, too cute.

Have a great week...

Ruggles said...

I hope everything is ok with your pops!

I updated my blog btw with photos from my brother's wedding week and I did the mosaic thing, too.


The Sweet Family said...

I am so glad your dad is okay! You all look like such a close family. How lucky you are!

Have a fabulous day and keep us updated on your DAD.