Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Family Circus

This past weekend was so much fun celebrating dad's birthday. I really don't know how we manage to fit everything is like we set out to conquer the world in two days!

Friday night after work I drove to meet everyone at Josh's and we went out to our favorite Mexican spot for dinner.

Before leaving Josh's, Aliyah and I had our usual tickling battle (I love to hear her little giggle), except this time she decided to tickle me back...the funniest thing about it was that she taught me something new! She went for my underarm area (just about the only spot that makes me laugh & it is 100% uncontrollable...) Aliyah has learned through trial and error that no other location works on me. Anyway, as she was tickling me, she said "I'm brushing your teeth!" I thought it was hysterical! When you think about it, it really is like brushing teeth :)

Saturday was the CIRCUS day. Here is the timeline:

- 930am hair appointment

-1130am met mom to do some shopping

-130pm met Josh and Aliyah to pick out dad's gift

-330pm met dad to take Aliyah to see "Kung Fu Panda"

-600pm stopped by my house to wrap the gift, etc

-715pm back to mom and dads to meet up for dinner

-800pm dinner reservations

-1000pm back at mom and dads for cake and gifts

-1100pm finally home again and so ready for bed

The cutest thing happened when we were having cake on Saturday night. Aliyah and I were sitting across from each other at the little table in the kitchen and I looked up and saw green icing all over her face; mouth, cheeks, forehead - you name it. Mom sort of scrambled over to wipe her down & wouldn't you know, just as she did that, Aliyah went to wipe her hands down her clothes!

After this happened I said "Mom, give her a bib..." sort of joking - sort of not...

Aliyah looked up at me, and in the most sarcastic four year old tone said "GIVE - ME - A - BREAK!"

On Sunday the five of us met up again to go to a graduation party. On the way there, Josh, Aliyah, and I were sitting three across on the middle seat of the car having bubble blowing and gum cracking contests while watching "The Grinch" and I think we successfully managed to get on mom and dads nerves :)

The picnic was nice, but OMG was it HOT! The heat was draining...on the way home, Aliyah wanted to watch "Alvin and the Chipmunks." She really loves the songs in the movie and singing along. She looked over at me and said "OK, I'm going to sing along and you dance." I agreed and went along with the plan. After the first song in the movie, my eyes got a little heavy so I leaned over and rested my head on her car seat. As the second song came on she tapped me on my forehead and told me "it is time to dance again." Sort of reluctant to move at all, I sat up and wiggled around in my seat...I think she could tell that I wasn't really into it so Aliyah looked up at me and said "it's ok, you can sing along too."


Amanda said...

Aliyah is ariot! I love the icing image of her and your comment about having her use a bib. And her repsonce is just priceless.

Sounds like you had a very busy weekend and you made it out alive. Even though it was busy, it sounded like a blast!

The Sweet Family said...

Whew . . your weekend schedule made me tired just reading it!

Love the pics of Aliyah. Expecially the one in the car where her cheeks are flushed (and daddy is yawning).

This heat is really taking it out of everyone!

~ Hugs ~

Melis B said...

I love the timeline! I love being able to spend long weekends with tons of family activities! You are SO lucky your whole family is so close by.

Also, LOVE the pictures of Aliyah (especially the green icing one) makes me laugh. Kids are great!!

Have a great day!!

Michael B said...

Aliyah is a mess!! I loved the bib story AND I could totally hear her saying "give me a break!" : ) Saturday sounds like it was a blast--shopping, getting your hair done, dinner out! Ahhh!!!

Loved the pictures and hearing about your weekend.


Jamie said...

Looks like you guys had a very fun busy weekend. Your niece is so cute, very photogenic and full of personality.

You are very lucky that you have your family so close by.
Have a great weekend..

Kelly A said...

I LOVE that you and your family live so close and spend so much time together!!!
It really makes me want to plan more family activities!!!

Love all of the pics!! Thanks for sharing!! :)