Monday, June 23, 2008

Adventures in Babysitting - Our Trip to the Zoo

I mean, when you say "we are going to the zoo" it just sounds so fun and carefree doesn't it? In reality we all know that it is an ordeal!!!

We really did have a good time on Saturday; it was exhausting to say the least, but a fun day nonetheless.

The funniest part of the day to me had to do with Aliyah's attire. I think I may have mentioned recently that is usually takes a few of us to get her ready to go when she is with Josh...

Well on Saturday morning I got to mom's and found the peanut wrapped up in a towel - she had just gotten out of the shower. Josh handed me what we thought was her outfit for the day and I helped her get dressed. Then mom comes in to tell us that she had another outfit (a new one) picked out SO I ended up having Aliyah change. The outfit was a little big, but time was of the essence, so we ran with it...

I doused her head with spray-in conditioner, slapped on her shoes, grabbed a few hair ties and we were out the door.

When we got on the metro mom braided Aliyah's looked so cute, BUT mom also noticed what I had noted earlier - Aliyah's shirt tended to fall a bit *low* in the front.

Peanut is VERY CONSERVATIVE. She will often times tuck my straps in, pull my shirt up, or roll her eyes at me when I am acting silly. I tend to go out of my way to embarrass her when I am trying on clothes and she is in the dressing room with me - it is completely innocent! Just trying to have a little fun!

When we got off the metro and were walking to the zoo, we noticed A. kept lifting up her shirt in the front and holding on to it. She was definitely feeling uncomfortable and so were we; therefore, it wasn't long before gram bought her a new shirt - actually it was our FIRST stop once getting to the zoo.

Fast forward about an hour and I notice that it is blazing hot out and that A. is turning a little red...DUH! How could we have forgotten to put sunscreen on a 4 year old? Josh ends up buying a tablespoon of sunscreen for $4.00...

Mom still feels bad and being concerned that Peanut's head will burn - Gram buys the little one a new hat...

Josh felt bad b/c A was tired of walking so he went and rented a stroller...

Fast forward again, as we were leaving the zoo, I took A. to the potty and noticed a bunch of scratches on her tummy - it was clear that it was not a rash, so I assumed the scratches must have come from her belt (compliments of the new outfit). We are standing in a stall that can't be more the 1.5 feet wide and 100 degrees - I am sweating my @$$ off and struggling to get her belt through the loops (while she sways back and forth during my tugging motion)...the belt ends up breaking, BUT we got it off...

To summarize:
-started off the day with a NEW outfit est. $20.00
-bought new shirt $15.00
-boought sunscreen $4.00
-bought new hat $12.00
-rented stroller $8.00

And what was left of the new outfit at the end of the day??? The shorts!
You can see in the picture to the left that Aliyah held on to the belt...for whatever reason she was fascinated with it - she made a bracelet on her arm, did go to good use keeping her entertained on the metro ride home!
I think we all learned a lesson to be a little more prepared next time! It sure would save some frustration and some MULAH!$!$!


Amanda said...

Even though you guys went through some interesting circumstances, it sounds like a great time.

At least Aliyah has a neat suvinear (the tee-shirt) from the day at the zoo!

Michael B said...

Thank goodness the zoo is free, right? LOL. : )

I'm just cracking up at this story! Little Aliyah is SO precious. The picture at the top of the post is absolutely adorable, her original outfit looked perfect for the zoo! Who would have known it would lead to scratches on her belly and Aliyah feeling of embarrassed??

And, you're so right about the zoo! No matter how great it sounds to be going to the zoo, it's SUCH an ordeal!! (At least it ALWAYS is with my family!)

Love the Aliyah stories!!


Kelly A said...

OMG. What an adventurous day!! say the least!! Days like that always make for the bast stories later though!!

I LOVE the National Zoo though!! I'm sure it was so worth it! I am glad you guys had a nice time! ;)

Brian said...

having kids.. this kind of thing is not out of the ordinary.. it is the norm! I just got back from 2 weeks at Disney World with 2 sons 4 and 8... and its like going to the zoo.. every day... you go through a mental checklist.. of odd things to have "just in case"

you definitely think differently with kids... always concerned for their well being.. and safety.... and days like that can be exhausting for everyone.. i need a vacation from my vacation!