Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What did you say?

Karma, paybacks, tit for tat, get what you got coming to you...etc!

Over the course of the last week I've had trouble with my left ear & I think it is due to sinuses...I'm kind of stubborn about going to the doctor so I have been trying to self-medicate to the best ability of the local pharmacy...

Last Wednesday night, my left ear felt like there was so much pressure inside that something was going to burst, so being the independent person that I am - I called mom and dad for help :) I went over to their house and mom used this homeopathic remedy called ear candling. I was a bit nervous about it - she has used them on Aliyah, so I figured if peanut did it without being afraid, I too should be able to handle the experience...my ear felt better afterwards & I *borrowed* some NyQuil from them and then went on my way.

The following morning I woke up and turned on the tv to watch the news & the TV was echoing; I did my best troubleshooting to find out what was causing the tv echo, but had no luck (thinking great, now the tv is messed up!). I turned off the tv & turned on my alarm clock radio and heard the same noise...by this time I'm a bit freaked out thinking that some sort of electromagnetic field is active around the house (UM, does anyone think that I may have watched a little TOO MUCH OF LOST lately??) - anyway, so I turn off the radio and continue to get ready...it is not until I get in the car and turn on the radio and hear the exact same echo that I realize that there is nothing wrong with the house, but that it is my ear!!!!

Anyway, over the course of the next few days everything with the ear seemed to be getting better - that was until yesterday morning when I woke up feeling the same sort of growing pressure...again I was off the to drug store at lunch and I have been popping Tylenol and DayQuil like they are PEZ for the last day without much relief...

TODAY I have virtually NO HEARING in my left ear and it is just awful! This whole experience has made me think of my dad and how I make fun of his hearing loss (remember the Chuckie Cheese post??). All day I have found myself A) asking "what did you say" a lot B) saying "huh" and "what" constantly C) turning my head to the left to position my right ear forwards towards the speaking party D) talking louder (because I can't hear myself) like I have on headphones!

The reason I know that this is noticeable to others is A) my work friend told me that she was not going to talk to me for the rest of the day because she keeps having to repeat herself and B) when a team member walked up to my desk five minutes ago and I started talking to him - his eyeballs looked like they were going to pop out of his head and to that response I asked "am I talking loud??" and he responded by saying "it is not the best cubicle voice!"

I'm sorry dad! I so, so, so, so very sorry! I can't promise that I won't laugh again because - well - I just can't, BUT I'll definitely try to be more nice about it because quite franly - this sucks!!!

And I think I might really need to go to the doctor after all...it's miserable!


Anonymous said...

I had the same exact thing happen and as gross as it sounds it was an earwax plug. There is nothing that causes it, it just happens. The Dr will flush your ear and you'll feel sooooo much better!

Michael B said...

Go to the doctor, woman! We don't want you screaming through dinner tomorrow night!

Josh and I have done the earwax candles before. They're a little crazy aren't they??? : ) I was always afraid that I would drop part of the flaming material on his face.

Hope you're feeling better today.

Love ya,


Kelly A said...

Oh no. I am so sorry. I hope the pressure eases soon. I would definitely make a trip to the Dr.

I love the way you told the story though! Hilarious!!

The Sweet Family said...

I think you should go to the Doc. Just remember, you only get one set of ears!

Take care of yourself!!

Hugs ;o)

Amanda said...

Good luck! I have this happen to me occasionally with my ear. Its gross, but I have a build up and I have my doc flush it out (with warm water and a water bottle). It feels weird, but it works. I've heard of what was done for you, but never experianced it.

I hope your ear feels better and it all works out for you :)