Thursday, May 22, 2008

Victory is sweet!

I mean - how exciting is it that David Cook won American Idol last night????

I really got into the show this year and I SO wanted D.C. to win, but had this gut feeling based off of the show on Tuesday night that it was going to go the other way...

I was sitting on the couch in great anticipation around 9:50pm (Bailee was tucked in his favorite spot i.e. under the blanket on my lap and snuggled by my legs) and I was so nervous...I was also feeling guilty because I completely forgot to vote on Tuesday night...thinking to myself if D.C. loses I am going to feel so bad b/c I didn't show my support...

Then the moment of truth arrived - David Cook won by an astounding 12 million votes!!! HOLLA!!! Which - BTW - is exactly what I did! I screamed "YAY" & kicked my legs up in the air...scaring Bailee to death :) The poor little guy ran out from underneath the blanket and to the end of the couch where he looked back at me like "What?" - "What just happened?" - "Should I be barking?"

I think I cried (I am a BIG SAP) for about five minutes or more & then called mom and dad because I knew they were just as excited I me :)

Anyway! So excited still...and I can't wait for his album!


The Sweet Family said...

I'm with you girlie, YAY for David Cook. I am a sappie too! I cried last night during Top Chef when Dale left and cried.

Great post!!! Have a fantastic day!!!!

Brian said...

I was so shocked! I figured archeletta was going to win.. just from the way Simon was calling the night.. sometimes he can sway voting i would think by his comments. So i was pessimistic of DC's chances.. i was pleasantly surprised.. but alas .. my tivo stopped recording after Ryan said the words "the winner is David Cook" so i didnt get to see him crying afterwards... and the aftermath. *searches the internet.. should post that stuff soon.

The Sweet Family said...

Daily I look forward to reading your blog but somehow I have become concerned since you haven't posted in a while.

I hope you are doing well and your job is exactly what you wanted.

I miss you!!! smile