Friday, May 30, 2008

A special visitor...

Last weekend I went to the beach with friends for Memorial Day. The last I had heard - Josh did not have Aliyah for the weekend...then on late Friday night I saw that I had missed two calls from Josh's cell right at 6pm and I knew he had my peanut for the weekend...and I was not at home :(

I talked to Josh and Aliyah on Saturday and again on Monday. Traffic on the way home was heavy and in the back of my mind I had convinced myself that I wasn't going to get to see Aliyah for two more weeks...

My phone conversation with peanut in the car on the way home Monday was a little alarming...

A: Hi Peanut...what have you all been doing?

P: We're at Grams

A: You are? Are you having fun?

P: Did you hear what happened to Bailee?


P: It's ok...he's okay.

A: Aliyah, what happened to Bailee???

P: He's okay.

A: Aliyah, let me talk to daddy please...

A: Josh, what happened to Bailee?

J: I don't know what she is talking about...she has been in the other room playing with the dogs, but Bailee is fine...

A: She scared me to death!!

As luck would have it I got to mom and dads at 530pm - right as Josh was getting ready to I scooped Aliayh up and gave her the biggest hug! Isn't it wonderful when they lay their head on your shoulder??

Aliyah took off running after I put her down and I knew she wanted me to chase her and so that is exactly what I did. Josh told her every time we made a loop past him in the family room "Aliyah, you need to put on your shoes" - this happened again and again.

Then when we got out to the driveway the chasing continued...Josh kept telling her "Aliyah, you have to get in the car - it's time to go home." After three or four laps around the driveway, I helped her get in the car and kissed her on the forehead - assuring her that the next time she is with daddy - Aunt Amy will be there :)

Courtesy of my dad, we all thought that he and Josh were leaving for a salmon fishing trip to NY bright and early Tuesday morning...I was a little bit surprised when I got home Tuesday evening & stopped to pick up Bailee that dad was still home....

A: UH- Dad, what are you doing here? I thought you were leaving today?

D: Well, I did too...but we are really supposed to be leaving tomorrow.

(good thing he figured that out)

Dad was grilling out and again gave me the third degree when I said I couldn't stay for I was leaving I said "so - you are going salmon fishing" and dad says - "NO, I was wrong about that too; we are going bass fishing..." Poor dad!

This brings me to tonight...sitting on the couch - hanging out - waiting on Josh's girlfriend Brittany to come over and hang out and all of the sudden the doorbell rings. I live in the country & the doorbell doesn't ring that often people!!! I was caught off guard b/c it was too early for Brittany to be arriving...

Much to my surprise and delight it was Josh. I guess he was really coming by to see B b/c he and dad had just gotten back from their had told him that he would be a horrible person if he didn't come and see her before going home to rest...needless to say, she was not here - so he got me!

It was a short visit, but just was probably the most excited I had been to see anyone all week - like I had just opened the door and found Santa Clause!

We stood in the kitchen and talked about his trip, which sounded incredible - I was so excited for them! Then Josh reaches into a bag he brought in and starts unwrapping something and he handed me a trinket...I was like "IS THIS FOR ME???!!!???!!!" He told me it was and I was just beside myself with excitement! You would have thought that someone had just handed me a $100 bill or better yet a gift card for gas!

There is a sibling appreciation that comes with age and I so admire my brother. Don't get me wrong - we still fight, bicker, and pick on each other - I have a pretty strong feeling that will never change; however, there is something to be said about that other person in the world that is your genetic counterpart and having shared most everything in life with them in one way or another...

Josh is great brother, that knows exactly how to push my buttons - but more than than he is a loving son, a wonderful man, and an incredible father that I admire and look-up to despite my being almost two years older than him.

I love you Josh - thank you for all that you are and for the visit tonight!


Amanda said...

That is great you have a brother you can talk to, bicker with and one to look up too. You are one of the lucky ones and you know it too. Thanks for sharring.

The Sweet Family said...

What a nice post! I love the pics of you two.

I have one brother that I am extremely close to and can relate and then I have the flip side with my other brother; can't stand him!

The part where Peanut asked about Bailee was too cute! Kids are so funny about the way they say things.

Have a great week!

Kelly A said...

Aw.....What a sweet post!!

I think it's great that you and your brother have such a great relationship!!!