Saturday, May 17, 2008

A little healthy competition is not always wanted

Last weekend was so much fun...bright and early on Saturday I went to an estate auction in Clarke County with mom and dad. It was on a very old farm called Walnut Grove...going to auctions is a favorite past time of my parents and something the Josh and I have grown to enjoy as well.

Mom and dad bought some really awesome antique pieces & Josh and I picked up a couple things as well...there was a belt from the REVOLUTIONARY WAR that sold for $4,000...then the man that purchased it just kind of stood there holding it for the longest time - like it was nothing!

Aliyah and Josh got to the auction after lunch and her questions about what was going on were difficult to answer to say the least! She informed me that the auction was "weird."

Questions about the auctioneer / auction:
1) Why is he talking like that?
2) Why does he keep saying the same thing?
3) Why do people keep raising their hand?

It is sort of challenging to try to explain to a four year old that someone passed away and their lifelong possessions are being sold...even more brain racking is the attempt to explain what the auctioneer is saying and why...

In true fashion of our family, we managed to stop the auctioneer and have the group of people attending stop in their tracks!

Mom liked a coffee table and so did knew mom liked the coffee table...Mom, Josh and I were in the tent where the table was being sold and Josh was enjoying bidding on it...nodding his head in a heated battle every time the auctioneer would look at him...the back and forth was winding down as the other interested party shook their head no and it looked as though Josh was going to win the table...going once, going twice...

Then a new bidder randomly chimes in to take over the price war with Josh...we look up and it is DAD on the other side of the tent - he was just casually walking by and noticed that the price the table was getting ready to sell for was low and he raises his finger in the air letting the auctioneer know that he now wanted in on the bidding...Josh yells "DAD, WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!??!!"

Everyone and everything stopped...LOL!

This is the piece that I bought :)

Here is the link to the pics from the weekend, including Mother's Day. The farm was so beautiful so I took Aliyah away from the confusing auction tent to get a few good shots of her...ENJOY!!



Melis B said...

That is so funny about your dad. Who would have guessed. :)

Have a great weekend,

Amanda said...

Too cute about your nieces questions. I bet some adults wanted to know what the auctioner was saying too!

So funny about your brother and father. The piece is beautiful too!

The Sweet Family said...

I LOVE Auctions too! Sometimes you can get really good deals!

Love the pics!

Michael B said...

LOVE the new addition to your collection! You have found some beautiful pieces at those auctions!

Aliyah is precious, as always!

I can totally see Josh giving your dad the eye during the auction. What a funny family story~I had to laugh!

Hope you're having a great week! Looking forward to Thursday.