Wednesday, May 7, 2008

"In the middle of the pouring rain..."

The title of this post is the continuing line from the previous post & let me tell you that is just what happened! The minute the plan landed in Memphis the heavens opened up and released all of their fury :) There were no in-flight delays, but we all got to sit on the runway for 1.5 hours because the ramp was aunt and uncle actually SAW A TORNADO on their drive to Memphis from Texarkana!!!

I could probably go on and on about the weekend and all that we did, but I'm just going to tell about the BEST PART!!!

I got to see Aretha Franklin live and she was amazing! When her show started I was down at another stage watching a favorite of mine (O.A.R.) and while I was enjoying them a lot - it suddenly hit me - that I may not get the chance to see Aretha I was off!

She is from Memphis, but had not been back to the city to perform since the death of Martin Luther King Jr. - it had been 40 years! They gave her a key to the city during her performance, which was REALLY cool. A.F. brought one of the TEMPTATIONS with her and when she took a break he sang "My Girl" - I felt like I was at the best reception with the best wedding singers ever!!!

Memphis is a great city with loads and loads of history and culture...I highly recommend the trip & for any of you Elvis buffs - Graceland is right around the corner!!!


The Sweet Family said...

It looks like you had a great time! You actually were about 4 hours from ME...hehehe

Glad your back!

Kelly A said...

How AWESOME that you got to see Aretha Franklin!!! WOW!! :)

I am glad you had a great trip!! It sounds like it was a blast:)

Amanda said...

Thats pretty neat you got to see A.F. I agree with you about taking the opportunity since you never know when you would have seen a legend like her again.

Have a great weekend!