Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"We are Virginia Tech. We will prevail."

"We are Virginia Tech.

We are sad today, and we will be sad for quite a while. We are not moving on, we are embracing our mourning.

We are Virginia Tech.

We are strong enough to stand tall tearlessly, we are brave enough to bend to cry, and we are sad enough to know that we must laugh again.

We are Virginia Tech.

We do not understand this tragedy. We know we did nothing to deserve it, but neither does a child in Africa dying of AIDS, neither do the invisible children walking the night away to avoid being captured by the rogue army, neither does the baby elephant watching his community being devastated for ivory, neither does the Mexican child looking for fresh water, neither does the Appalachian infant killed in the middle of the night in his crib in the home his father built with his own hands being run over by a boulder because the land was destabilized. No one deserves a tragedy.

We are Virginia Tech.

The Hokie Nation embraces our own and reaches out with open heart and hands to those who offer their hearts and minds. We are strong, and brave, and innocent, and unafraid. We are better than we think and not quite what we want to be. We are alive to the imaginations and the possibilities. We will continue to invent the future through our blood and tears and through all our sadness.

We are the Hokies.

We will prevail.

We will prevail.

We will prevail.

We are Virginia Tech."

~Nikki Giovanni's Convocation address, Delivered April 17, 2007

Although a lot of the content of the above is in relation to the fresh wound, I cherish this speech because of the strong words "we will prevail." I believe that our entire nation has. I am so incredibly proud to be a Hokie! It is an honor to be a part of such a wonderful community of people before and after the events of 04.16.2007...those directly affected by that day will have a special place in my heart for all time.

Thank you to all for the love and support shown to my beloved Virginia Tech today and always.


The Sweet Family said...

GREAT POST! There is so much going on here! From free breakfast to all "First Responders" at McDonalds to "Maroon & Orange" support at every business known to man here! You should see the HOKIE PRIDE.



Amanda said...

Go Hookies! Today in our staff meeting my boss spoke about what happened a year ago in VA. Then he spoke about what campuses all over the nation are doing to help with notification of emergency incidents. We are actually having a test done tomarrow.

But with this said, the incident that happened a year ago today, will be in the minds, thoughts and prayers of everyone around the country since none of those who were killed that day deserved it.

Stand pround & show your hookie colors since everyone in the county will display them to show love and support to those families.