Friday, April 25, 2008

TGIF! Randomness...

Yesterday around 5:45pm I got a very exciting call from the realtor that someone wanted to show the house - YAY!

It was briefly interrupted by the fact that the showing agent was sitting in my driveway with her client @ that very moment i.e. no notice...of course all of the messy parts of the house and the fact that the grass is almost a foot tall caused me to freak out a little, but I convinced myself that it wasn't that bad & if it was, they should understand with the lack of heads-up provided!

My realtor called back this morning to basically say that there will be no buying at this moment (SIGH), which is sad, but hopefully there will be more to come!

Oh & in case you are interested - the reasons for not buying are:

1) Wanting more privacy! What? Are you serious? Give me something better than that! Ok, there is a house sort of across the street, but I feel like I live in the middle of nowhere!

2) The house is too nice! Again - WHAT?? You have got to be kidding me! Apparently the interested party has five dogs and feared that the dogs would destroy the house in two weeks. WHATEVER!


I absolutely love these & I want a pair NOW!!! (I saw this pic on one of my celeb blogs earlier this week)...I have literally scoured the Internet this week SEARCHING *unsuccessfully I might add* for a pair of short overalls AND I even went to every store I could think of in Manassas that could potentially carry them...this town is certainly not a shopping Mecca, but I thought I might find something...

I used to rock the overalls ALL THE TIME and due to fashion evolution, I discarded of all my pairs and said I'd wait until the trend returned...

My only luck was finding brands that want you to pay over $200 for less fabric than goes into a towel - again - whatever!

I'm on the case though & I don't give up easily! It's going to happen for me...I just know it!


The Sweet Family said...

The house was too nice? OMG, that is the dumbest reason ever. In other words, they weren't serious about buying anyway.

I don't envy you at all. I hate selling a house!

Have a great weekend,

Kelly A said...

OMG....I was in total love with the overalls when I saw them on the celeb site too!! SO cute!!

Now all I need is Jennifer Aniston's bod to go under them!! Ha Ha:)

Happy TGIF!!

Amanda said...

Keep you head up kid! The house will be sold to the right people, where ever they may come from! Those are some wierd excuses too, whatever!

I thought the overall's were cute too when I saw them the other day in a mag. I'll keep my eye open too online if I see them!

Have a great weekend!

Michael B said...

Doesn't everyone want a house that isn't nice? WTH? Wacko's!!

I'm excited that you are starting to see some movement, though!

You'd look adorable in the overalls, btw. Best of luck with your search. Have a wonderful weekend.

Love you lots!