Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MMM-MMM-Good! California Tortilla

What the WINNY needs next is a California Tortilla...even Charlestown, WV has one!
This is a great lunch spot and has been known to be one of my favorites!
There is one in Manassas, several in and around Ashburn, Fairfax, Leesburg, etc...(all VA locations)

My favorite thing to order is the Kids Quesadilla, which is a *STEAL* - the website says for 10 years old and under, but I've never been told NO and I'm pretty sure I look older than 10!
All kids' meals include a kids drink, chips and queso and a the best part - a small brownie! HOLLA!!!
Who cares if your co-workers make fun of you because you have what seems to resemble a toddlers sippy cup with fish and dinosaurs on it!

I can eat there for less than $6 ($5.77 to be exact) - you can't hardly buy a lean cuisine for that much anymore!

Check it out sometime!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the tip! Who cares if you order off the kids menu! I still order happy meals at mcdonalds and my husband looks puzzeled evertime like I just asked him a physics question.

Kelly A said...

I still order kids meals too!! It's the perfect amount of food!! :)

I will have to try California Tortilla next time I'm in Ashburn....I LOVE quesadilla's!!

SarahC said...

Matt works right across the street from one and went there today on his lunch break. We get coupons in the mail all the time for that place. He loves it, but I have only been there once and didn't think it was all that. I know I suck right?! ;) I'm a Baja Fresh girl.