Monday, April 21, 2008

LL McKee

The name of the shop is LL McKee and I saw is located in the older part of Creekside :)

Not sure who asked, but I hope this helps!


Melis B said...

That is like 'the' place to have your hair done. KKH, me, nikki and now YOU! go there. That is SO Cool!! Mandy is great too.

LLMcKee is for Lisa Lawrence (maiden name) McKee (married name)~ she's the owner. Her sister-in-law is Dawn McKee (also works there, not sure if you met her, she does Nik's hair)

I'm glad you liked it!! Picture please. :)


Anonymous said...

I am anonymous person, but I will definitely give them a shot and see if they can fix my mess!


Kelly A said...

Yes....Would LOVE to see a pic of your new do!!

The Sweet Family said...

I used to get my hair done there before I moved. Lisa was my stylist; the owner. I was referred by MelisB.

My hair totally misses her!

No pic?