Friday, April 18, 2008

A Little Jerry McGuire Moment

Hands down, one of my favorite movies is Jerry McGuire - I often times forget about this flick when I am prompted to recite back my top however many blockbusters, but it really is one that I can watch again and again...

Sometimes at work I say to everyone in my office "Who's coming with me??" :)

Anyway, on the way back from lunch today, while looking around as driving and seeing how much EVERYONE in NOVA is soaking up the down, motorcycles is like we just came back to life today...I had a *moment*!

I was constantly scanning the XM channels and finally opted to hit my cd player, which I had forgotten that I was listening to Tom Petty on the beautiful drive home last night - I'm sure you can see where this is going - so I changed the song to "Free Falling" and after listening for a few moments, I broke out into song (just be thankful you weren't is SO far from a soothing sound!).

I immediately burst into laughter thinking about how I felt like Tom Cruise! If there was ever a parody of the whole was today in my car!

It's funny how times like that make you super thankful for everything...


Last night after I went running (a brief two miles - so I don't know if it really counts) I walked past the mirror in my bathroom and a large glisten caught my eye...I was like - now where did that highlight come from??? After inspecting a little closer, it was not a highlight, but it was gray hair & a lot of it all in the same place! I know I have them, but had never really pulled my hair back in such a way as to expose the whole clan of them!

The good news is that I have an appointment tomorrow with a NEW lady in the Winny that came recommended by friends...I'm a little nervous to embark on this journey again; however, I had NO TROUBLE cancelling my appointment with the last stylist I was seeing & I've got to get this mop taken care of stat!

Here are all my wishes for a WONDERFUL weekend to all!!! TGIF!!! Catch ya'll next week unless something crazy happens this afternoon that I want to share & it isn't looking to be that kind of day!!!

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Amanda said...

Thanks for the smile laugh! That is a great post about the Jerry M movie and you singing just like Tom. That movie is definitly on my list of movies I can watch over and over.

Good luck tomorrow! I know what you mean about pulling your hair back and seeing those greys looking back at you. Thanks goodness for hair dye! have a great weekend too!