Monday, April 14, 2008

A little bit of this and that

Wowzers what a jam packed weekend!

Friday night I met the fam for dinner in Front Royal b/c is was a PEANUT WEEKEND - yay! When I got to Josh's house, gram and Aliyah were in hot pursuit of getting top scores on some Wii was pretty funny to hear Aliyah tell mom how to use the Wii remote :)

During dinner it started to POUR the rain *buckets* were being released from the heavens - literally...we talked Josh into running to get the car for us girls (mom, Brittany, Aliyah, and I) first mom handed Josh the wrong keys to the car, but luckily they figured that one out before he got on his way...then he pulled up and Brittany ran out with Aliyah on her hip. When they got to the car, the doors were locked & Josh being unfamiliar with mom's vehicle, could not figure out how to unlock the doors...clearly, it was a stressful and I stood under the awning watching this all go down...Aliyah and Brittany are yelling for him to open the doors as they were getting drenched and we heard Josh from about 30 feet away & from inside the car yell "I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!" He finally decided to reach to the back seat to open the door and practically knocked himself out on the ceiling console...after we saw B&A get in safely - mom and I ran to the car (me with my shoes in my purse and jeans rolled up to my knees)...once we were all tucked inside I saw the birds circling above Josh's head as he tried to regain composure with eyes crossed and a look of bewilderment!

Saturday I worked at the house all day with the company of my BFF to get things ready for Sunday's open house. She and I took a break in the late afternoon to walk to dads pond and say hi to everyone fishing...I introduced her to the family and explained the cousin Randall was there with his son Corey and I proceed to tell my BFF that Randall was the son of my dads older could hear crickets...then all of a sudden dad says "yeah right!!!" My dad is the youngest of four and Randall is the son of his OLDEST SISTER Judy :) What can I say? The yard work, etc had me so tired that I couldn't think straight!

Sunday the whole family got together at my cousin's house for a fish fry, which was awesome as usual! Aliyah and I had a boxing match - so much fun! She watches WWF with her other grandfather and I didn't really realize what I was getting myself into. She loved knocking me out and I taught her to say "KO" every time I fell to the floor...then we'd get up and again and she'd say "bring it on" or "show me what you got" - it was HYSTERICAL! I have to be careful about laughing at her b/c she tends to be a little sensitive about it :) Everything was going well, until all of a sudden she decided to start using her feet! The swift kick I got to the head, was not what I was expecting when laying on the floor in safe mode - at all! My head wasn't feeling the best yesterday anyway, so after I told her "no feet! no feet!" I laid there for a while until I decided to get up for more of the 4 year-olds whoopin! I then taught her how to put her boxing gloves up in the air and jump up and down Rocky style, which was priceless to say the least! I sang "Aliyah is the champion" to the tune of Queen's "We are the Champions." She'd get a big grin on her face that went from ear to ear...I mean, the little girl likes to WIN & I have to say she gets her competitive nature honestly :)

I have a few pics, I tired to not take as many this weekend simply because I can get out of control with them, but I'll try to post in the next couple days!

I hope ya'll had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather on Saturday!!!


Amanda said...

Sounds like you had an awsome and interesting weekend. Its amazing the how strong those little people can be when they can get going!

Our weather was beautiful here in MA on Sat, so it was wonderful that day for us too. Just a little rain in the morning on both days, but not buckets, yikes!

The Sweet Family said...

Could you hear me laughing at your rain story? NO, omg, I can SOOOO relate. However, my hubby likes to lock us out on purpose.

It sounds like your weekend was a blast and I hope your open house was successful!


Melissa said...

aww sounds like such a nice family time- that's what i miss most about home!

Melissa said...
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Kelly A said...

What a great Family weekend!!! I love times like that:)

Sorry about your "KO" kick to the head. The little ones are always much stronger than they appear!! It still continues to amaze me!