Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Don't know when I'll be back again...

This is sort of what my travels felt like this past weekend...what an ordeal! I'll have to update on my actual trip later when I have time :) Now for the timeline...


Wake up at 3:20am

Cab arrives at 4am

Arrive at the airport, check-in, etc

Board the plane and depart from terminal 6am - right on time

Doze off to sleep, wake-up intermittently and realize that we are not moving...

Supposed to arrive in Dallas at 815am local time

Connecting flight to Tex-Ark was scheduled to leave DFW @ 915am

Connecting flight to Tex- Ark rescheduled to depart at 945am

Actually arrive in Dallas @ 945am (1.5 hours late)

Miss connecting flight to Texarkana

Wait in the airport from 945am until 345pm for next flight!

= Supposed to be in Texarkana @ 10:22am - arrive @ 5pm


Flight departing Texarkana @ 4:35pm

Actually leaves Texarkana @ 5pm

Supposed to have a 45 minute layover - that is now reduced to 20min

Flight from Dallas to DC leaves DFW @ 615pm

Find out en route that flight home is delayed and now departing @ 705pm

(relieved that I don't have to rush between terminals)

Sitting at the gate (D28) departing time changes from 705 to 723 to 745 to 800 to 805 to 825

Supposed to be home by 1005pm

Actually arrive at 1220am

Get bag, wait for cab, get to car, drive home...

Locked out of the house *YAY*

Actually get in bed after 3am

= Do not get into work until 12:30pm today

Not too long ago I told someone that they should travel with me b/c delays, lost luggage, etc NEVER happen to me when I fly...

All I have to say is that I am incredibly thankful that I do not travel regularly for work & I sincerely feel sorry for anyone that does; I would assume that they definitely need an out to release the stress. I am thankful for the wonderful discovery of air travel as it has allowed me so many opportunities to see different places in the world, BUT the oddity of feeling like a caged animal, with no way out, no way to fresh air, searching for bathrooms, looking for *uncomfortable* seats, the sheer boredom, lack of company, talking to and avoiding strangers, and having no control over anything is beyond uncomfortable and frustrating in times of *DELAY*

Needless to say, I can't wait to get home and put on my PJ's :)


Amanda said...

Welcome home! Its always an adventure when you leave your travels in other peoples hands.

Michael B said...

I totally would have taken the whole day off. And, to be locked out when you FINALLY got home? To your bed and your Boo? S.O.A.B!! : )

Love you hon. Hope your pj's are feeling good tonight.

Kelly A said...

OMG...I am sorry for your traveling troubles...but love the way you write about it!!!

I hope you are feeling rested today!!

The Sweet Family said...

Sorry to hear about you travels. I was SOOOO hoping you were going to post that your "well deserved" mini vacation was going to be exactly what you had hoped.

Beach time is quickly approaching!!!

SarahC said...

Glad you finally made it home! I hope you got some much needed sleep! Flying has always been crappy for me!