Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I got my driver's li-li-li-license yea-yea-yea-yea!

I realized earlier this week that I booked my plane ticket for this weekend under my NEW/OLD name & that I still had not gone to DMV for a new license, so I bit the bullet yesterday & went - only to find out that I was missing paperwork *ERGO* I was back at DMV today :)

Shockingly enough, there was virtually no line! YAY! My number was called before I even had my paperwork filled out- what?!? The driver's license part went smoothly ~ over the last however many months it has always been interesting to me to watch peoples reactions when they assume that I am making these changes because I recently got married...they usually say "oh, you just got married" and then I get to say "no, the opposite" and then they look at me as if I just told them that this is my last day on the to have that convo a couple times today already and once yesterday *BONUS*

After the DL stuff is done, I tell the person helping me that I ordered new plates in *SEPTEMBER* and they never came in - I even called DMV in November & was told that they were backed up and that I should see them soon...I proceed to explain to her that I got a new car in June, sold my old car in August, and wanted to transfer my personalized plates over, but I had the physical plates since I was 16 & they were BUSTED and that is why I ordered new ones - WHEW!

She looks at me kind of puzzled, checks in the computer & then tells me that she sees where the transfer of "WATTS UP" took place, but the new plates were NEVER ordered. Ok - good to know finally!

She asks if I want her to order the new plates today, I say yes...she clicks around on the computer while I continue to fill out the *NEW PLATES* form...the next thing I know she tells me that I now owe $30 for the DL & the plates...not a big deal, but it clicked with me that she must have placed the order already, SO I say to her "um, I want the standard VA plate & not the mountains anymore." She looks at me and says "well, you should have told me that before I submitted the order." I'm thinking ok, but you never told me you were entering the order...I'm still filling out the form...I haven't even gotten to the section to select what plate I how can this be my fault?

She then calls over her boss and proceeds to state (in the nicest tone) "she didn't tell me until after I submitted the order that she didn't want to mountain background" - I'm like - what? You never even asked - I didn't even know exactly what you were am I all of a sudden to blame?

Long story short is that the two of them basically made me feel like I just smacked their children, so COMPLETELY UNLIKE ME, I backed down and said "you know what, I don't even see the license plates, so I really don't care - just leave it as is."

THEN after another mini-convo, we find out that I am driving around illegally! WTF? Not only did the last girl that helped me in Sept 07 not order my new plates, but she told me that it was OK to keep driving around with the plates issued by the dealership until the new "WATTS UP" ones came in...UH - apparently this is not the case! I was told today that should I get pulled over, I'd get a nice ticket for that...The funny thing is that I asked this question in 09/07 and was told just to show the legal powers that be both copies of my registration and it would be ok. I made sure to tell her that the last person there helping me CLEARLY did not know how to do her'd like to trust that these people at GOVERNMENT related agencies know their SHIZZ, but that is not always the case! The funny thing was that same girl was sitting in the very next slot over helping someone else!

Now I get to go home and see if I still have the OLD PLATES in the garage or if I have to continue to hedge my bets and drive around illegally for the next two months!


Michael B said...


What a day you've had!! I feel a little tired and drained for you. I can't imagine how frustrated you must have felt this afternoon, especially when you heard that you could get a ticket! And, I'd totally chance the whole ticket thing, if I were you. What's two months?

Hope your tomorrow is wonderful!! It's almost time for your trip!! Yeah, yeah!!

Love ya!

The Sweet Family said...

OMG, you first Bailee runs off then you go to the dreaded DMV. You should have known that you being called up before the paperwork was in check could be a disaster. I will tell you that when we moved away from Winchester, the DMV has become an OK place to go. NO probs what so ever! I think its a Winchester thing. DIPS**Ts.

As for the ticket dilemma, I think I would chance it. JUST MAKE SURE you have your county sticker on your car on time!!! hehehe

I hope you have a hassle free Thursday!

Amanda said...

Wow! At least you got everything taken care of before you were pulled over! It sucks how we put all of our trust into these workers and come to find out they really don't know what they are doing. Well, I hope things go better for you today!

summertyme said...

Girl, we all have those days...they really make you appreciate the good ones. :-)

And by the way, I used to work for a dealership and had to deal with the DMV...they are robots, not trained. LOL