Friday, April 11, 2008

A favorite place with my favorite people

After the debacle that was Wednesday :) I asked mom and dad to go to dinner with me last night as a thank you. We went to one of my very favorite restaurants in Upperville called Hunters Head Tavern...if you have not been there - you must try it sometime! The food and the ambiance are wonderful!

We had the best time...I laughed hysterically through most of dinner...once I get started laughing, it is hard for me to remove myself from the giggly mood.

It started with ordering...Dad got a steak and when they asked how he wanted it cooked he said "medium rare." I remember thinking at the time - man, he NEVER orders his steak that way, but whatever - go for it! WELL, needless to say, when they brought out our meals, he looked down at his plate in shock, his eyeballs got real big and he stared at it like they brought him out a football instead of a steak! Very concerned about the steaks color; he and mom cautiously determine whether he should send it back...he asks "what did I order?" and I told him "medium rare..." This is when the laughter started as I told him how shocked I was because he ALWAYS gets his cow medium well...the steak went back to the kitchen :)

Dad proceeds to tell his story of his trip to the dentist earlier that day, which I can not describe here, all I can say is that I was laughing until I had tears running down my cheeks and was trying to catch my'd have to know dad and how animated he is when telling stories...maybe that is where I get it from...hmmmm...I wonder??? JK!

Dad also takes care of my grandmother, who has Alzheimer's...his dedication to her is amazing and inspiring - he stops by to see her just about every day and makes sure that he is there to help her eat...I know it really isn't funny, but the stories that come out of that cafeteria are incredible!

Last night he told us of how he was there helping Mamaw eat dinner and she needed a Kleenex...she tried to wipe her nose on the tablecloth and he stopped her...she tried to wipe her nose on her pant legs (I'd like to have seen that one)...he gave her a tissue and she used it and tossed it to the floor...her nose continued to run...he watched her take her hand up to wipe and said he stopped to think "now what is she going to do with that?" and before he knew it she took her hand really quick and wiped it down the front of his shirt...

Dad and I grossed mom out by trying to decipher what the texture of the goat cheese on the salad reminded us of...I won't share the disgusting conclusion that we came to, but it is a good thing that mom was done eating at the time this all went down!!!

It was a bit reminiscent of the sceen in Mary Poppins where they visit Uncle Albert for a tea party and laugh so hard that everyone floats up to the ceiling! I'm sure the other people in the room were quite happy when my loud laughing left the area for good...I had the best time with them!!! Laughter, good food, and great company is the best medicine!


Amanda said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful evening after an eventful day the other day. Thanks for sharing the kleenex story, its friken hilarious. Have a great weekend!

Kelly A said...

I love it when you can't stop laughing!!! It's awesome:)

I am glad you had a nice evening with your parents....I will have to check out that restaurant. It looks like a great little place!!

Enjoy your weekend!!:)