Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So I didn't mean to hold out on unlocking the secret of the "perk", but *LUCKY* me got to drive to Bethesda this morning to visit a customer...I have to be honest and say that with the resignation yesterday - I had kind of hoped to get out of the trip today, but it didn't happen!

The BIG news is that I will now be working at the same company as my best friend *YAYAYAY*, which is something that we are BOTH super geeked out about!

We met because she was hired to fill the position I left, about three years ago, and we clicked from day one! From that time, we have often daydreamed about how much fun it would be to work together again - and WAALAHH!

We will not be working directly together, which is FINE, but to be in the same building and be able to take breaks, go to lunch, shopping, golfing, etc - will be awesome! I mean, as much as we email and call one another during the day as it is, we might as well work together, but the 30 miles in between us has been the dagger :)

SIDE NOTE: My going away luncheon is next Tuesday and my boss sent out a huge meeting invite to a bunch of people in the office and put the location down as "TBD - Hooter's?" - One word comes to mind and that is *WHAT?*