Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Birth Of Venus - My Life As An Artist

I am so excited!

One of my dear friends that now lives in London started a blog and just sent me the link - YAY!

SIDEBAR: You know I had to scrounge up some pics of us for this post...I am really starting to think I'm the picture monster - SERIOUSLY - anyway, as I'm sure you can tell - lots of these are OLD SCHOOL...when I start to feel like I'm getting OLDER, I just have to look back at pics & I'm reminded to be thankful that I have learned how to do my hair and make-up - hahaha!!!

I met Melissa in college during my senior year at Virginia Tech. One thing we had in common from the start is the Mel is originally from Winchester...small world! Long story short is that she and I instantly clicked and had a lot of fun together during that year; we had several classes together, ended up working on lots of group projects, and she introduced me to fashion *my bank account thanks her* and so do I!

I remember well the time that Mel came over to help me get ready to go out one night; she was stunned to find that I didn't own any black pants (which were the ONLY thing girls wore to get dressed up back in the day) or cute "going out" shoes. I can still hear her saying "Ame, these are the only shoes you have?"

We remained in touch after college and ended up becoming roommates for a year in Alexandria - our landlord was crazy, but we had fun living so close to DC!

Melissa is an incredible artist and I've always been amazed at her talent and I'm so happy and excited that she has decided to start a blog about her experience and the evolution of her craft!

I've added a link to it on my BLOG, but also wanted to direct you to her blog here :)



Amanda said...

Wow, such a great friend! Its wonderful that you have remained friends for so many years and have so many great memories to add to it. I will definitly check out her blog.

PS. The text messaging sign I found online. I'm not sure if its real or not, but I do have a confession. I text and drive, but try not to ;)

Michael B said...

how fun! can't wait to start reading her blog! thanks for the link. : )

Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out dumpling. i've had people start asking me to send them pictures of my paintings for sale so maybe i should get my website up sooner rather than later?!!


Ruggles said...

Oh my gosh - there are some OLD photos in there - brings back some funny memories!!!! :)