Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Barrel Oak Winery

A picture from BOW's site

I am so, so, so excited about a new winery opening in Delaplane, Va.

I have been driving past the new construction for months now that is located right by I-66 (west) at the Delaplane/Paris exit...at times my family has been in the car with me and we all racked our brains at what the building was going to be; is it a house? a barn? what is going on? Whatever it is - it is huge!

Anyway, on Saturday when driving to Gainesville for lunch, I noticed a huge banner spanning the top of the building that indicated the website for Barrel Oak Winery. Feeling like I had unlocked a six month old secret, I called mom (as soon as I got service) and she told me that she noticed it the previous Monday...WHAT?

I drive this route to work daily, so it is a little surprising that I would not notice the change for a week, but stranger things have happened! I was a little disappointed that mom had known about it and I was just catching on!

Barrel Oak Winery opens on Memorial Day Weekend 2008 and *I WANT TO BE THERE*, but I have a feeling I'll be out of town...I will definitely be checking it out though...the owners love & welcome dogs, so I think Bailee will have to tag along!

Somewhat is a side note: I so love where I grew up and how incredibly beautiful the valley is ~ I grow to admire the area more and more with each passing year. Sometimes I am amazed by the fact that within 40 minutes of leaving the city, I can be tucked away in such a peaceful and inspiring place that is simply picturesque.

The view while driving Rt. 17 between I-66 and Paris mountain is breathtaking and I truly appreciate the steps that have been taken to preserve its beauty. I think this is the perfect location for a new Virginia winery and I can't wait to visit...

Hopefully my local readers will be able to make it by BOW too! :)


Kelly A said...

John and I have been wondering what that building/house was going to be. I am SO glad we finally know!!

The view on 17 is amazing! I often daydream that I have a house right on top of one of the hills! It is so beautiful and peaceful!!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the tip about the new winery. When we drive from MA to VA, we take Rt-81 and I scope out the winerys there. So, I will definitly keep this new one in mind for our August trip!

Michael B said...

Yes! We just saw this on our way to Williamsburg this weekend! I'd love to go in November or December.... : )

My very favorite is still Naked Mountain. Yummy!!