Wednesday, April 30, 2008

MMM-MMM-Good! California Tortilla

What the WINNY needs next is a California Tortilla...even Charlestown, WV has one!
This is a great lunch spot and has been known to be one of my favorites!
There is one in Manassas, several in and around Ashburn, Fairfax, Leesburg, etc...(all VA locations)

My favorite thing to order is the Kids Quesadilla, which is a *STEAL* - the website says for 10 years old and under, but I've never been told NO and I'm pretty sure I look older than 10!
All kids' meals include a kids drink, chips and queso and a the best part - a small brownie! HOLLA!!!
Who cares if your co-workers make fun of you because you have what seems to resemble a toddlers sippy cup with fish and dinosaurs on it!

I can eat there for less than $6 ($5.77 to be exact) - you can't hardly buy a lean cuisine for that much anymore!

Check it out sometime!

New FaVoRiTe Album

Some time ago I recommended JOSH KELLY to you all...

Well, I have recently *discovered* that my new favorite COUNTRY group includes his brother!

Lady Antebellum is *awh-some* and if you like more modern country; I highly recommend checking them out - their style is a great mix :)

Their first single is "Love Don't Live Here" (click the link to check out the video)

My most favorite tracks are:

1) Love Don't Live Here

4) Long Gone

5) I Run To You

I bought the album about a week ago at Targt and at the time is was only $6.98 - SCORE! I had a hunch all of the tracks would be in ENGLISH this time - hahaha!

Let me know what ya'll think!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


So I didn't mean to hold out on unlocking the secret of the "perk", but *LUCKY* me got to drive to Bethesda this morning to visit a customer...I have to be honest and say that with the resignation yesterday - I had kind of hoped to get out of the trip today, but it didn't happen!

The BIG news is that I will now be working at the same company as my best friend *YAYAYAY*, which is something that we are BOTH super geeked out about!

We met because she was hired to fill the position I left, about three years ago, and we clicked from day one! From that time, we have often daydreamed about how much fun it would be to work together again - and WAALAHH!

We will not be working directly together, which is FINE, but to be in the same building and be able to take breaks, go to lunch, shopping, golfing, etc - will be awesome! I mean, as much as we email and call one another during the day as it is, we might as well work together, but the 30 miles in between us has been the dagger :)

SIDE NOTE: My going away luncheon is next Tuesday and my boss sent out a huge meeting invite to a bunch of people in the office and put the location down as "TBD - Hooter's?" - One word comes to mind and that is *WHAT?*

Monday, April 28, 2008

Bittersweet Excitement!

I have kept very hush-hush about what was a possible change for me for the last month or so, simply because I don't know everyone that is reading, but today is the day to share!

I received a wonderful job offer (with one perk that no other company on the planet would be able to offer) late this past Friday afternoon and after reviewing over the weekend, I have decided to accept.

I am *very excited* and feel super blessed to have this opportunity to sort of change what my career path has been to date, but of course with that comes the bittersweet realization of leaving behind so many wonderful co-workers and friends - really good friends that would make working anywhere enjoyable.

I told my boss and one of my dearest work friends this morning and just got back from lunch and sharing the news with others...I was so NERVOUS that I was I finally just dropped the bomb and was then able to relax and enjoy my lunch!

My last day with my current employer is 05.09.2008 and I embark on my new journey the following Monday...I'll be sure to keep everyone posted!!!

Thanks mom and dad for all of the support and always checking in about the new job opp!

Friday, April 25, 2008

TGIF! Randomness...

Yesterday around 5:45pm I got a very exciting call from the realtor that someone wanted to show the house - YAY!

It was briefly interrupted by the fact that the showing agent was sitting in my driveway with her client @ that very moment i.e. no notice...of course all of the messy parts of the house and the fact that the grass is almost a foot tall caused me to freak out a little, but I convinced myself that it wasn't that bad & if it was, they should understand with the lack of heads-up provided!

My realtor called back this morning to basically say that there will be no buying at this moment (SIGH), which is sad, but hopefully there will be more to come!

Oh & in case you are interested - the reasons for not buying are:

1) Wanting more privacy! What? Are you serious? Give me something better than that! Ok, there is a house sort of across the street, but I feel like I live in the middle of nowhere!

2) The house is too nice! Again - WHAT?? You have got to be kidding me! Apparently the interested party has five dogs and feared that the dogs would destroy the house in two weeks. WHATEVER!


I absolutely love these & I want a pair NOW!!! (I saw this pic on one of my celeb blogs earlier this week)...I have literally scoured the Internet this week SEARCHING *unsuccessfully I might add* for a pair of short overalls AND I even went to every store I could think of in Manassas that could potentially carry them...this town is certainly not a shopping Mecca, but I thought I might find something...

I used to rock the overalls ALL THE TIME and due to fashion evolution, I discarded of all my pairs and said I'd wait until the trend returned...

My only luck was finding brands that want you to pay over $200 for less fabric than goes into a towel - again - whatever!

I'm on the case though & I don't give up easily! It's going to happen for me...I just know it!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Encounters of the NIGHT!

I stopped by to pick up Bailee (a daily trend) a little later last night (after dark) and headed home (a short drive)...Bailee ALWAYS goes directly to the front door when we get home (the whole routine thing) to go potty or just to be nosey about what is going on outside and bark at nothing (his favorite past time)...

Last evening was incredibly beautiful so I decided to sit out there with him & soak up the break from the rain...

The front of my house has a covered patio of sorts and I was minding my own business on the top step when I saw something that looked like a bird swoop down in the yard...

I thought - well, it is sort of random to see a bird fly that low this late, but whatever...

Then the *bird* swooped back down a second time & a little closer to the patio, the front light, and ME...

I thought - well, that does not look like a *bird*, but more like a *BAT* BUUUTTTTT whatever, I'm sure it won't bother me...

Then before I could hardly process the previous thought, the *BAT* swooped around AGAIN, for the third time, and came under the patio, past my head, and then back out grazing the top of my hair...

Needless to say, I completely freaked out! I jumped up and ran down the steps, down the sidewalk, waving my arms erratically in the air - after I somewhat regained composure, I turned around & saw that the coast was clear and darted for the front door...panicked that the BAT would circle back and follow me in, I left Bailee outside...

Being that I grew up in the sticks, and have had this sort of experience at my parents in years passed, I guess I should have known better i.e. known that they WILL COME CLOSER THAN PREFERRED!

Anyway, I left Bailee outside for a few to fend for himself (barking incessantly the entire time), and then decided to turn off all the lights before letting him in the house...he was not happy with me as I'm pretty sure I spooked him with my outburst in the front yard, but I was not giving that bat another chance...the fourth time may have caused cardiac arrest :)

I can't imagine posting a picture with this post b/c the darn things are SO ugly and it freaks me out at this point to see one!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The best things in life are free...

I've been feeling a little less than FIT lately (quite blah actually) and vowed to get back on track with working out this week. I struggle with getting up in the morning to exercise - I barely make it to work on time as it is, so I usually have to do it once I get home, which I also struggle with IF I don't jump on it right away...

Monday night I stuck to my plan and I was a successful with a nice run on the treadmill...planned to continue the trend on Tuesday...

Last night I got to mom and dads to pick up Bailee and was chatting with dad and he asked me to stay for dinner. I told him that I would, but I needed to get home to work-out. He responded by telling me that they were having salads - I assume to insinuate that it would be a healthy dinner...we chatted for a bit and he asked me again to stay for dinner...again I said no.

Directly after, mom came in from her walk, and dad proceeded to tell her that he asked me to stay and eat with them, but I told him I'd RATHER go home and work-out! I was like - DAD, I DID NOT SAY IT LIKE THAT (ornery fella)! He knew exactly what he was doing...putting a little guilt trip on me...but I figured after being asked a few times & then thrown under the bus with mom - I should stay for salad :)

It was a decision that I couldn't have been happier with :)

Mom's cholesterol is a little high and she had a doctor's appointment last week and came home to tell dad that the doctor "gave her three months." Dad was like - uh - 3 months? I thought it was just a check-up! 3 months for what? She had forgotten to end the statement with "to get my cholesterol down before I go on medication" :) (mom was also told to EAT MORE VEGGIES - hence the super salad!)

The SALAD...OMG, the salad was flippin HUGE! I seriously had to pause during eating *several times* because my jaws ached from chewing! I told them I got a work-out from was almost exhausting!

DAD'S FUNNY STORY: My dad has a customer who is 71 years old AND the 71 year old man is dating a 38 year old woman...Dad asked him how it was going, and I guess felt comfortable enough to "GO THERE" because he asked his customer about intimacy!!! Something I was curious about when he was telling me the story, something we would all want to know, something most people would not ask! So when dad asked his customer about IT - the 71 yr old man responded by saying "We'll hopefully SHE can keep up!"

Now, that'll put you in your place! Hahaha! I guess it's never too late!!!

Tonight it is BACK to running & then dinner :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Open mouth insert foot...

This is a day of posts...

Something *FUNNY?* just happened & I seem to have a knack for this:

I'm standing outside with co-workers...and a guy on the OTHER sales team says to my team member and I:

"So are you all a part of this battle with manufacturing about order changes..."

We say no, not really, but we have been in the past (blah, blah, blah) & walk back inside.

In the lobby we run into two additional people from the OTHER team and I say:

"So I hear you all are making manufacturing mad" and I tell them "to get there stuff straight"

Then walking back to my office, we pass the large conference room (a VERY SHORT distance from the lobby...); the conference room door is wide open, and sitting inside are the powers that be for our manufacturing division...The VP, the director, etc...

I think my eyeballs about popped out of my head when I saw them all looking at me...

When we are safely back to my office, my co-worker said to me - "how did you manage to walk back here with your foot inserted in your mouth up to your knee!!??!!??"

I am SUPER thankful right now that I didn't say any more than I did!

Barrel Oak Winery

A picture from BOW's site

I am so, so, so excited about a new winery opening in Delaplane, Va.

I have been driving past the new construction for months now that is located right by I-66 (west) at the Delaplane/Paris times my family has been in the car with me and we all racked our brains at what the building was going to be; is it a house? a barn? what is going on? Whatever it is - it is huge!

Anyway, on Saturday when driving to Gainesville for lunch, I noticed a huge banner spanning the top of the building that indicated the website for Barrel Oak Winery. Feeling like I had unlocked a six month old secret, I called mom (as soon as I got service) and she told me that she noticed it the previous Monday...WHAT?

I drive this route to work daily, so it is a little surprising that I would not notice the change for a week, but stranger things have happened! I was a little disappointed that mom had known about it and I was just catching on!

Barrel Oak Winery opens on Memorial Day Weekend 2008 and *I WANT TO BE THERE*, but I have a feeling I'll be out of town...I will definitely be checking it out though...the owners love & welcome dogs, so I think Bailee will have to tag along!

Somewhat is a side note: I so love where I grew up and how incredibly beautiful the valley is ~ I grow to admire the area more and more with each passing year. Sometimes I am amazed by the fact that within 40 minutes of leaving the city, I can be tucked away in such a peaceful and inspiring place that is simply picturesque.

The view while driving Rt. 17 between I-66 and Paris mountain is breathtaking and I truly appreciate the steps that have been taken to preserve its beauty. I think this is the perfect location for a new Virginia winery and I can't wait to visit...

Hopefully my local readers will be able to make it by BOW too! :)

Monday, April 21, 2008

LL McKee

The name of the shop is LL McKee and I saw is located in the older part of Creekside :)

Not sure who asked, but I hope this helps!

The proof is in the pudding!

I had my hair appointment early Saturday with the new girl @ the new shop in Winchester...

I did start to get a little concerned when it came time for the actual cut and the new girl kept pulling my hair up on one side of my head (about four times in a row with no cutting) & she had a look of she didn't know what to do...

I was like, GRREAT...AND here we go again...

Then I paused and reminded myself that my friend who goes to her always looks awesome, so it has to be ok...the new girl is about to get married...the shop is incredibly busy...she probably has a million things running through her head & must be losing concentration :)

Finally she says to me "um, your hair on one side..." I cut her off and say "I KNOW!!!" Then she tells me "it's longer on one's a lot longer on one side then the other."

This was the confirmation that I needed ~ I *KNEW* my hair was jacked up! I told her that was *EXACTLY* why I was there to see her :) Needless to say, the length had to be chopped again to even everything out, but I am so relieved to have it straight I can really let it grow out a little for summer!

On top of the wonderful experience it was so much cheaper!

Thanks KKH for the recommendation!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Little Jerry McGuire Moment

Hands down, one of my favorite movies is Jerry McGuire - I often times forget about this flick when I am prompted to recite back my top however many blockbusters, but it really is one that I can watch again and again...

Sometimes at work I say to everyone in my office "Who's coming with me??" :)

Anyway, on the way back from lunch today, while looking around as driving and seeing how much EVERYONE in NOVA is soaking up the down, motorcycles is like we just came back to life today...I had a *moment*!

I was constantly scanning the XM channels and finally opted to hit my cd player, which I had forgotten that I was listening to Tom Petty on the beautiful drive home last night - I'm sure you can see where this is going - so I changed the song to "Free Falling" and after listening for a few moments, I broke out into song (just be thankful you weren't is SO far from a soothing sound!).

I immediately burst into laughter thinking about how I felt like Tom Cruise! If there was ever a parody of the whole was today in my car!

It's funny how times like that make you super thankful for everything...


Last night after I went running (a brief two miles - so I don't know if it really counts) I walked past the mirror in my bathroom and a large glisten caught my eye...I was like - now where did that highlight come from??? After inspecting a little closer, it was not a highlight, but it was gray hair & a lot of it all in the same place! I know I have them, but had never really pulled my hair back in such a way as to expose the whole clan of them!

The good news is that I have an appointment tomorrow with a NEW lady in the Winny that came recommended by friends...I'm a little nervous to embark on this journey again; however, I had NO TROUBLE cancelling my appointment with the last stylist I was seeing & I've got to get this mop taken care of stat!

Here are all my wishes for a WONDERFUL weekend to all!!! TGIF!!! Catch ya'll next week unless something crazy happens this afternoon that I want to share & it isn't looking to be that kind of day!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"We are Virginia Tech. We will prevail."

"We are Virginia Tech.

We are sad today, and we will be sad for quite a while. We are not moving on, we are embracing our mourning.

We are Virginia Tech.

We are strong enough to stand tall tearlessly, we are brave enough to bend to cry, and we are sad enough to know that we must laugh again.

We are Virginia Tech.

We do not understand this tragedy. We know we did nothing to deserve it, but neither does a child in Africa dying of AIDS, neither do the invisible children walking the night away to avoid being captured by the rogue army, neither does the baby elephant watching his community being devastated for ivory, neither does the Mexican child looking for fresh water, neither does the Appalachian infant killed in the middle of the night in his crib in the home his father built with his own hands being run over by a boulder because the land was destabilized. No one deserves a tragedy.

We are Virginia Tech.

The Hokie Nation embraces our own and reaches out with open heart and hands to those who offer their hearts and minds. We are strong, and brave, and innocent, and unafraid. We are better than we think and not quite what we want to be. We are alive to the imaginations and the possibilities. We will continue to invent the future through our blood and tears and through all our sadness.

We are the Hokies.

We will prevail.

We will prevail.

We will prevail.

We are Virginia Tech."

~Nikki Giovanni's Convocation address, Delivered April 17, 2007

Although a lot of the content of the above is in relation to the fresh wound, I cherish this speech because of the strong words "we will prevail." I believe that our entire nation has. I am so incredibly proud to be a Hokie! It is an honor to be a part of such a wonderful community of people before and after the events of 04.16.2007...those directly affected by that day will have a special place in my heart for all time.

Thank you to all for the love and support shown to my beloved Virginia Tech today and always.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Truman Show...

Question to my fellow bloggers...

Does it catch you off guard when someone remarks to you about one of your posts? More so when they don't start the conversation, with "I was reading your blog and..." But when they just start talking to you and you are like -UM, how do you know that??? You get to look at them sort of dumbfounded while the 1+1=2 adds up in your head...

Isn't it odd not knowing everyone that checks your blog on a regular or semi-regular basis? All you do is watch the numbers go up! :) BUT, the element of the unknown is also intriguing...

On Sunday someone made a comment to me like"Oh, is that your new camera that you were excited about?" And I had to stop and think if I had told them about it in passing...then I realized - wait - they probably read my post!!!

Or if I stop to tell mom a story and she says "I know, I read about it..." Then I don't know what to share and what not to share...did she read today's and not yesterdays post? Do I start telling her anyway and let her stop me if she knows?

If you have a blog, and you read others blogs - then it is like this little community of people that you know are checking in. Some of them you know & some you have never met...yet you feel like you know them very well from reading their blogs, which is also weird and *FUN*! Of course you can tell a few others that stop in by occasional anonymous comments...

Maybe I'm just weird, but it kind of makes me feel like I'm on a TV show that I can't watch :) Probably should have thought about this before December 2007! It isn't that I is just an odd realization that you have put your life on *blast* to the world; however, big or small that world may be!

DON'T STOP READING ~ this is just food for thought!!! I'm curious if this is just me...

Weekend Pics

For the rest of the pics:
Click HERE!

Monday, April 14, 2008

A little bit of this and that

Wowzers what a jam packed weekend!

Friday night I met the fam for dinner in Front Royal b/c is was a PEANUT WEEKEND - yay! When I got to Josh's house, gram and Aliyah were in hot pursuit of getting top scores on some Wii was pretty funny to hear Aliyah tell mom how to use the Wii remote :)

During dinner it started to POUR the rain *buckets* were being released from the heavens - literally...we talked Josh into running to get the car for us girls (mom, Brittany, Aliyah, and I) first mom handed Josh the wrong keys to the car, but luckily they figured that one out before he got on his way...then he pulled up and Brittany ran out with Aliyah on her hip. When they got to the car, the doors were locked & Josh being unfamiliar with mom's vehicle, could not figure out how to unlock the doors...clearly, it was a stressful and I stood under the awning watching this all go down...Aliyah and Brittany are yelling for him to open the doors as they were getting drenched and we heard Josh from about 30 feet away & from inside the car yell "I DON'T KNOW HOW!!!" He finally decided to reach to the back seat to open the door and practically knocked himself out on the ceiling console...after we saw B&A get in safely - mom and I ran to the car (me with my shoes in my purse and jeans rolled up to my knees)...once we were all tucked inside I saw the birds circling above Josh's head as he tried to regain composure with eyes crossed and a look of bewilderment!

Saturday I worked at the house all day with the company of my BFF to get things ready for Sunday's open house. She and I took a break in the late afternoon to walk to dads pond and say hi to everyone fishing...I introduced her to the family and explained the cousin Randall was there with his son Corey and I proceed to tell my BFF that Randall was the son of my dads older could hear crickets...then all of a sudden dad says "yeah right!!!" My dad is the youngest of four and Randall is the son of his OLDEST SISTER Judy :) What can I say? The yard work, etc had me so tired that I couldn't think straight!

Sunday the whole family got together at my cousin's house for a fish fry, which was awesome as usual! Aliyah and I had a boxing match - so much fun! She watches WWF with her other grandfather and I didn't really realize what I was getting myself into. She loved knocking me out and I taught her to say "KO" every time I fell to the floor...then we'd get up and again and she'd say "bring it on" or "show me what you got" - it was HYSTERICAL! I have to be careful about laughing at her b/c she tends to be a little sensitive about it :) Everything was going well, until all of a sudden she decided to start using her feet! The swift kick I got to the head, was not what I was expecting when laying on the floor in safe mode - at all! My head wasn't feeling the best yesterday anyway, so after I told her "no feet! no feet!" I laid there for a while until I decided to get up for more of the 4 year-olds whoopin! I then taught her how to put her boxing gloves up in the air and jump up and down Rocky style, which was priceless to say the least! I sang "Aliyah is the champion" to the tune of Queen's "We are the Champions." She'd get a big grin on her face that went from ear to ear...I mean, the little girl likes to WIN & I have to say she gets her competitive nature honestly :)

I have a few pics, I tired to not take as many this weekend simply because I can get out of control with them, but I'll try to post in the next couple days!

I hope ya'll had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed the beautiful weather on Saturday!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

A favorite place with my favorite people

After the debacle that was Wednesday :) I asked mom and dad to go to dinner with me last night as a thank you. We went to one of my very favorite restaurants in Upperville called Hunters Head Tavern...if you have not been there - you must try it sometime! The food and the ambiance are wonderful!

We had the best time...I laughed hysterically through most of dinner...once I get started laughing, it is hard for me to remove myself from the giggly mood.

It started with ordering...Dad got a steak and when they asked how he wanted it cooked he said "medium rare." I remember thinking at the time - man, he NEVER orders his steak that way, but whatever - go for it! WELL, needless to say, when they brought out our meals, he looked down at his plate in shock, his eyeballs got real big and he stared at it like they brought him out a football instead of a steak! Very concerned about the steaks color; he and mom cautiously determine whether he should send it back...he asks "what did I order?" and I told him "medium rare..." This is when the laughter started as I told him how shocked I was because he ALWAYS gets his cow medium well...the steak went back to the kitchen :)

Dad proceeds to tell his story of his trip to the dentist earlier that day, which I can not describe here, all I can say is that I was laughing until I had tears running down my cheeks and was trying to catch my'd have to know dad and how animated he is when telling stories...maybe that is where I get it from...hmmmm...I wonder??? JK!

Dad also takes care of my grandmother, who has Alzheimer's...his dedication to her is amazing and inspiring - he stops by to see her just about every day and makes sure that he is there to help her eat...I know it really isn't funny, but the stories that come out of that cafeteria are incredible!

Last night he told us of how he was there helping Mamaw eat dinner and she needed a Kleenex...she tried to wipe her nose on the tablecloth and he stopped her...she tried to wipe her nose on her pant legs (I'd like to have seen that one)...he gave her a tissue and she used it and tossed it to the floor...her nose continued to run...he watched her take her hand up to wipe and said he stopped to think "now what is she going to do with that?" and before he knew it she took her hand really quick and wiped it down the front of his shirt...

Dad and I grossed mom out by trying to decipher what the texture of the goat cheese on the salad reminded us of...I won't share the disgusting conclusion that we came to, but it is a good thing that mom was done eating at the time this all went down!!!

It was a bit reminiscent of the sceen in Mary Poppins where they visit Uncle Albert for a tea party and laugh so hard that everyone floats up to the ceiling! I'm sure the other people in the room were quite happy when my loud laughing left the area for good...I had the best time with them!!! Laughter, good food, and great company is the best medicine!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

If my head wasn't connected to my neck...

So funny thing happened yesterday, well - I think it is funny 9am yesterday morning I was about to go into cardiac arrest! No joke!

As some of you know from reading the blog, I am in the midst of trying to sell my house in Clarke County in the middle of a wonderful selling market - haha! It's a whole lot of fun still living in the same house as...anyway!

I have been irritated with the realtor at different points in time, not for the house still being on the market, but just over a few things that have happened - I really know that she is giving it her all...

So she had written last week about doing two open houses...I looked at the email...thinking that the dates were pretty far in the future and waited a couple days to respond to her - finally saying go ahead (I tend to read things, make a gentle mental note, and then forget)

Well, sitting on the couch Tuesday night in my PJ's *exhausted* I thought to myself - when are the open houses? I'm sure they are next week! Again Wednesday morning I had the same conversation with myself as I ran out the door to an early appointment *I paused* and looked around at what a MESS ~ COMPLETE & utter MESS the house was and again convinced myself I had time...

Get to work around 9am on Wednesday i.e. yesterday and decided to check my hotmail and put my worries about the dates to rest...I was on the phone with my BFF and all of a sudden I start saying OMG, OMG, OMG...she is like what? what? what? I respond by saying OMG, the open house for agents is today!!!

The beds are not made, my room is a wreck, my suitcase is still on the floor, the dishes and mail are all over the kitchen counters, bathroom counter has my make-up - hair dryer - I mean, DISASTER...what am I going to do???

As horrible as I felt, I HAD NO CHOICE, so I called my mom...thank goodness she was home and answered the phone...I'm like "hey, what are you doing" trying to suppress my PANIC...she senses it 100% so I tell her...she says ok, I'll run over and do what I much time do I have...I have to tell her that it starts at 11am and it is now after 9am - I hear a gasp from her...she hurries off the phone and over to do my dirty work!!!

I have been known to be a procrastinator and I tend to not worry so much about time and dates, but seriously!!! I can CLEARLY do without adding stress to my own life directly by being so absent minded...get it together woman!!!

Mom did a fantastic job and I don't know what I would have done without her help yesterday...I probably would have driven 45 minutes home to get done what I could have in an hour and then driven 45 back to work...

THANK YOU MOM!!! You were and are a LIFESAVER! I called mom when I left work and she said all is GOOD, but you probably aren't going to be able to find your stuff b/c I threw it wherever I could! :) My closet was a great indication of what she was talking about!

Also, half-way through the day (yesterday) I got a text about my plans for this Saturday that I made well over a month ago *and had completely forgotten about as well* There is another open house on Sunday...I still have so much to do at the house b/c this one is open to the public and not just now I think I have to cancel my plans on Saturday i.e. lunch with college girlfriends, A MASSAGE!!!, a night out and some good girl time!

I think I need to stop fighting REALITY and start keeping a calendar! You know those PDA's that I was B!TCH!ING about recently...yeah, I may be eating my words b/c I see one of those in my future! I may also need an assistant or focus medicine! :)

The Birth Of Venus - My Life As An Artist

I am so excited!

One of my dear friends that now lives in London started a blog and just sent me the link - YAY!

SIDEBAR: You know I had to scrounge up some pics of us for this post...I am really starting to think I'm the picture monster - SERIOUSLY - anyway, as I'm sure you can tell - lots of these are OLD SCHOOL...when I start to feel like I'm getting OLDER, I just have to look back at pics & I'm reminded to be thankful that I have learned how to do my hair and make-up - hahaha!!!

I met Melissa in college during my senior year at Virginia Tech. One thing we had in common from the start is the Mel is originally from Winchester...small world! Long story short is that she and I instantly clicked and had a lot of fun together during that year; we had several classes together, ended up working on lots of group projects, and she introduced me to fashion *my bank account thanks her* and so do I!

I remember well the time that Mel came over to help me get ready to go out one night; she was stunned to find that I didn't own any black pants (which were the ONLY thing girls wore to get dressed up back in the day) or cute "going out" shoes. I can still hear her saying "Ame, these are the only shoes you have?"

We remained in touch after college and ended up becoming roommates for a year in Alexandria - our landlord was crazy, but we had fun living so close to DC!

Melissa is an incredible artist and I've always been amazed at her talent and I'm so happy and excited that she has decided to start a blog about her experience and the evolution of her craft!

I've added a link to it on my BLOG, but also wanted to direct you to her blog here :)


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You find the best people in the smallest places!

For all the pics from the trip click here!!
A view of Millwood Lake from the deck @ Dave & Shelia's Restaurant

The trip to Arkansas was awesome! I had a wonderful time visiting with my aunt Angie, her husband Mike, and Vincent (my cousin) was just so cool to actually go and see where they live and meet all of their friends/family there.
Mike and Angie

It is strange to me when people close to you move away and you feel like you no longer know what is going on with them; even though you talk, there is a curiosity about so many things...and your brain runs wild finding images to associate with what the town looks like, where they work, what their house looks like, who their new friends are, etc and it is entertaining to see either how close or how far off your created images actually when Angie and I talk and share stories I'll know what is going on!

This guy was awesome!

Ashdown has a population of about 4,800 people - very small in every sense of the word!

On Friday night we got ready and headed over to the country club to meet up with all of their friends and rode in golf carts to the restaurant on the lake...we ordered great food - fried pickles - yummy! I met so many wonderful, good, genuine, down to earth, FUN people - who are surprisingly so happy to meet you & they instantly make you feel like you are home. I understand why Mike and Angie love it there...

Saturday was also a completely NEW experience for me as I have never been to a golf tournament - ever! I was not playing, but I drove the cart, cheered them on, and took pics all was so much fun & about half-way through I got the itch to play - big time, but I stuck to my duties...I got a tad bit bored over the course of the *18 holes* and at times had outbursts...Bruce (Mike's friend) told Angie that they needed to get me some A.D.D. medicine, which I thought was hysterical!

On the golf course - the two teams we hung with in Saturday

Saturday night a big group of us went out in Texarkana to two different places; they wanted to make sure that I saw everything possible, which I totally appreciated! I also got to meet Angie's best friend Shawna from Ashdown, I had heard so much about her & she really is a special person :)

Sunday we lounged - finally! Angie, Vincent and I went to Texarkana (15 min drive) for lunch and shopping and then later that evening Angie drove me around the town of substantial new building has occurred there since the late 70's at best with the exception of a bank, super Wal-mart, and the SONIC...I finally tried SONIC (three times at that)!

This is the courthouse where Angie works

The trip itself and my time there was so what I was a great visit and I can't wait to get back! We left one another with tears at the airport and the excitement of catching up again in Memphis...she is my aunt by nature, but one of my dearest friends by design :) Love you!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

Don't know when I'll be back again...

This is sort of what my travels felt like this past weekend...what an ordeal! I'll have to update on my actual trip later when I have time :) Now for the timeline...


Wake up at 3:20am

Cab arrives at 4am

Arrive at the airport, check-in, etc

Board the plane and depart from terminal 6am - right on time

Doze off to sleep, wake-up intermittently and realize that we are not moving...

Supposed to arrive in Dallas at 815am local time

Connecting flight to Tex-Ark was scheduled to leave DFW @ 915am

Connecting flight to Tex- Ark rescheduled to depart at 945am

Actually arrive in Dallas @ 945am (1.5 hours late)

Miss connecting flight to Texarkana

Wait in the airport from 945am until 345pm for next flight!

= Supposed to be in Texarkana @ 10:22am - arrive @ 5pm


Flight departing Texarkana @ 4:35pm

Actually leaves Texarkana @ 5pm

Supposed to have a 45 minute layover - that is now reduced to 20min

Flight from Dallas to DC leaves DFW @ 615pm

Find out en route that flight home is delayed and now departing @ 705pm

(relieved that I don't have to rush between terminals)

Sitting at the gate (D28) departing time changes from 705 to 723 to 745 to 800 to 805 to 825

Supposed to be home by 1005pm

Actually arrive at 1220am

Get bag, wait for cab, get to car, drive home...

Locked out of the house *YAY*

Actually get in bed after 3am

= Do not get into work until 12:30pm today

Not too long ago I told someone that they should travel with me b/c delays, lost luggage, etc NEVER happen to me when I fly...

All I have to say is that I am incredibly thankful that I do not travel regularly for work & I sincerely feel sorry for anyone that does; I would assume that they definitely need an out to release the stress. I am thankful for the wonderful discovery of air travel as it has allowed me so many opportunities to see different places in the world, BUT the oddity of feeling like a caged animal, with no way out, no way to fresh air, searching for bathrooms, looking for *uncomfortable* seats, the sheer boredom, lack of company, talking to and avoiding strangers, and having no control over anything is beyond uncomfortable and frustrating in times of *DELAY*

Needless to say, I can't wait to get home and put on my PJ's :)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I'm actually excited about this...NKOTB

MEOW!!! These boys are all "growns up"! HOLLA!
I'm super geeked out about the potential impending reunion :)
There is even a countdown clock on
Sorry...too many posts today, but I had to share!!!!

I got my driver's li-li-li-license yea-yea-yea-yea!

I realized earlier this week that I booked my plane ticket for this weekend under my NEW/OLD name & that I still had not gone to DMV for a new license, so I bit the bullet yesterday & went - only to find out that I was missing paperwork *ERGO* I was back at DMV today :)

Shockingly enough, there was virtually no line! YAY! My number was called before I even had my paperwork filled out- what?!? The driver's license part went smoothly ~ over the last however many months it has always been interesting to me to watch peoples reactions when they assume that I am making these changes because I recently got married...they usually say "oh, you just got married" and then I get to say "no, the opposite" and then they look at me as if I just told them that this is my last day on the to have that convo a couple times today already and once yesterday *BONUS*

After the DL stuff is done, I tell the person helping me that I ordered new plates in *SEPTEMBER* and they never came in - I even called DMV in November & was told that they were backed up and that I should see them soon...I proceed to explain to her that I got a new car in June, sold my old car in August, and wanted to transfer my personalized plates over, but I had the physical plates since I was 16 & they were BUSTED and that is why I ordered new ones - WHEW!

She looks at me kind of puzzled, checks in the computer & then tells me that she sees where the transfer of "WATTS UP" took place, but the new plates were NEVER ordered. Ok - good to know finally!

She asks if I want her to order the new plates today, I say yes...she clicks around on the computer while I continue to fill out the *NEW PLATES* form...the next thing I know she tells me that I now owe $30 for the DL & the plates...not a big deal, but it clicked with me that she must have placed the order already, SO I say to her "um, I want the standard VA plate & not the mountains anymore." She looks at me and says "well, you should have told me that before I submitted the order." I'm thinking ok, but you never told me you were entering the order...I'm still filling out the form...I haven't even gotten to the section to select what plate I how can this be my fault?

She then calls over her boss and proceeds to state (in the nicest tone) "she didn't tell me until after I submitted the order that she didn't want to mountain background" - I'm like - what? You never even asked - I didn't even know exactly what you were am I all of a sudden to blame?

Long story short is that the two of them basically made me feel like I just smacked their children, so COMPLETELY UNLIKE ME, I backed down and said "you know what, I don't even see the license plates, so I really don't care - just leave it as is."

THEN after another mini-convo, we find out that I am driving around illegally! WTF? Not only did the last girl that helped me in Sept 07 not order my new plates, but she told me that it was OK to keep driving around with the plates issued by the dealership until the new "WATTS UP" ones came in...UH - apparently this is not the case! I was told today that should I get pulled over, I'd get a nice ticket for that...The funny thing is that I asked this question in 09/07 and was told just to show the legal powers that be both copies of my registration and it would be ok. I made sure to tell her that the last person there helping me CLEARLY did not know how to do her'd like to trust that these people at GOVERNMENT related agencies know their SHIZZ, but that is not always the case! The funny thing was that same girl was sitting in the very next slot over helping someone else!

Now I get to go home and see if I still have the OLD PLATES in the garage or if I have to continue to hedge my bets and drive around illegally for the next two months!

You can't teach an old dog new tricks...

This is a story about Bailee, but the title of the post is more directed at me...

Bailee and I have a semi-normal routine in the morning; sometimes he gets up when I go down to fix coffee, he goes out to potty & then he runs directly back to bed...sometimes he stays in bed, under the covers until I tell him it's time to go "bye-bye."

This morning everything was the same as usual, until I decided to try something *different*...running a little behind & not really thinking, as he and I left the house and stepped down into the garage I thought it would be a good idea to go ahead and hit the button to raise the garage door...

What usually happens when we go to the garage is Bailee goes to the passenger's side door and waits patiently for me to open the car, I set my bags in the seat, I lift him up into the seat, hit the garage door opener in my car, shut his door, walk around to my side & then we are off...Bailee can't really be trusted to stay in the yard, so he is always on a leash at home and precautions are taken to ensure that he does not have the opportunity to run off...

This morning upon seeing the garage door open out of order, the little rascal decided to BOLT out of the door...I stood there for a second in shock...I quickly put my bags down...ran under the garage door in my high heels...and I could see him NO WHERE! I kicked off my heels and took off running through the yard - calling his name...

This was taken after one of the ice storms, but gives you an idea of the view from my front yard & why it is so scary when he runs off...

About half-way around the house, not seeing him anywhere, in any direction, I started to have a *panic attack* My baby is so little, he blends in with the wooded areas, and I was freaking out! I burst into tears, grabbed my chest - with thoughts of not having any shoes on (how was I going to run in the woods - what would happen if I went inside for shoes), needing to call for help, being extremely late for work, most importantly losing Bailee - he is my security blanket - it really is amazing how quickly that many thoughts can run through your mind...

I paused and told myself I had to pull it together if I was going to find him and as I turned around I saw his little head barely sticking up way out in the front yard by the road...still so choked up that I couldn't really talk, I cautiously walked out to him & told him it was time to go "bye-bye." He had a look of sheer terror on his face because he knew he had messed up...thankfully he decided to run back to the garage and wait for me...

I got to my parents and dad was outside...I'm still trying to hold it together and he asks "How's Bailee this morning" and there I went - just burst into tears walks up quickly to hug me and ask what is wrong...I told him the story...then got in the house, saw mom & started crying again!

I got a tissue, calmed down, and kissed Bailee a bunch of times...

I told mom and dad that I don't know what would happen if I was out and lost sight of my child...I can't imagine that reacting this same way would be helpful...they both laughed at me, gave me hugs and I was off...

I know that there are other things going on to cause me to be this emotional - As I sit here at my desk with my eyes feeling heavy & tummy still a little nauseous, I am amazed by what a toll this sort of experience takes on your body physically...
I think I learned a lesson this morning to not change the routine...there is no reason to take unnecessary *risks*!