Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today has SUCKED!

I apologize in advance for this B&T%H session; I usually try to focus on the positive and I try not put bad energy out into the universe, but SERIOUSLY - today @ work has sucked bad!

CORRECTION - Everything started out good; I was on time to work - well almost - I had to stop and pick up coffee and pastries from Panera for a customer visit, but I did all of that and managed to get here about 15 minutes earlier than usual *this is big for me*

The customer was supposed to be here @ 10am, but sent an email saying they would not arrive until 1130am - this is still good b/c it lets me get through my emails and get some work done before getting tied up...

Customer arrives, all is well...that is until I return to my desk to see emails that seem to indicate that the world is coming to an end. I won't bore you with the details, I'll just say that from that point on *today has sucked!* I did my best to respond before running to the breakroom to heat up lunch at 230pm and scurry off to my next meeting.

One of my engineers saw the panic and stress on my face during a hallway discussion (one that took place b/c I was pulled out of my second meeting of the day) and kindly mouthed the words "It will be Ok" to me when I was on the brink of tears and let me tell you that I HATE TO BE THE GIRL THAT CRIES AT WORK...

Even as I was typing this the Quality Director at my company walks up to my desk to tell me of MORE issues...

And to top it all off, my clip board (cut/copy/paste) would not work today and I was too busy to re-start my PC, so I repeatedly attempted to copy and paste *OVER AND OVER AGAIN* only to have it not work *TIME AFTER TIME* and then I would proceed to complain about it *EACH TIME* as if I expected a different outcome!

I don't think I have dropped such massive bombs at work in a LONG WHILE i.e. the BOMBS that have been flying out of my mouth all afternoon.

I'm definitely having a DRINK at dinner tonight - not sure that my normal peach beverage is going to cut it either. I deserve it ~ AHHH, a relaxing beverage %^&*(#!

PS - as I wrap this up, I continue to get phone calls...I feel bad for ME, but I feel bad for everyone else that is helping too! BTW, I DID NOT CRY!

What a difference between the earlier post and now...thanks for listening!


Michael B said...

hugs to you, ame.

i hope tomorrow is much better...and i hope your drink was especially yummy this evening.

love you lots.


Amanda said...

I hope today is much better for you! Take Care!

The Sweet Family said...

I hope Wednesday is better! I hope your drink was a double!!!

(I have cried a couple times in my working career - 20 years - and I hate it; its defeat and I don't like it either)

I am so proud of you for staying strong! Great VENT as well.