Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sometimes you win & sometimes you lose...


I decided to buy a new digital camera after weeks of frustration with respect to picture quality with my current one. I did a little research and headed off to Best Buy today at lunch as I WANT to have this new item before my upcoming trip to the wild and wonderful state of Arkansas!

After making the sales guy follow me around for about 15 minutes telling me about all the pros and cons, I chose the Canon PowerShot. I said ok - I'll take that one, BUT I WANT IT IN PINK...then comes the "I'm sorry" look...he returns by saying...yeah, they show all of the colors on display, but we only stock the BLUE one in the store, you have to order the PINK one online (this is starting to feel like picking out the sex of my child here although I'm sure that isn't quite that easy!)...based on the timeline, I decide that I could WAIT b/c I WANT THE CUTE GIRLY COLOR :)

I should have it by 04/01 - the funny part of the story was when he was filling out the online order and asked me for my credit card info...I immediately started rattling off the numbers...he stops typing, pauses, looks at my hands/purse, and then up at me and asks "you just know it?" and follows up by saying "that has never happened to me before!" I start hard that I almost can't finish telling him the information.

I wanted to say - honey, I have made so many online purchases, that I got tired of always reaching for my card, so I know this by *HEART* but I refrained from making a bigger deal out of the transaction and giggled again when he told me that it was "impressive!"


I live in the sticks, no option for faster Internet than DIAL-UP, so I STILL buy CD's. I have no other choice, unless I want to wait an hour for a song to download.

While browsing around the store today I decide to try to find the CD with the cool song from the new MacBook Air commercial and before I knew it - it was right in front of my face...totally excited to hear the rest of the songs, I tore into it on my way back to work...and DISASTER hit the speakers of my TL!!!!

What they don't tell you is that only 5 of the 13 songs are in ENGLISH - WHAT? All of the song titles on the back cover are written in the only language I know, but as I skipped through tracks, I definitely heard UNFAMILIAR I popped open the brochure deal to look at the songs, and even the WORDS are in another language...

BOTTOM LINE IS - do not get sucked in by the cute/fun Mac commercial & if you do, PLEASE just download the one song NEW SOUL & DO NOT BUY THIS CD!

I might as well have thrown $15.00 out the window :)


The Sweet Family said...

I am so glad you didn't settle for the Blue but are patiently waiting for the PINK.

Sorry about your CD. That is such a bummer.

Amanda said...

Nice choice for the camera! I love the part how your told the clerk at Best Buy your credit card # without even looking! I laughed out load!

Michael B said...

oh!! you crack me up!! i have a canon power shot and love it. it's not pink, though. : ) i love that you know your cc number off the top of your head. you're too much, you know that?

can't wait til tomorrow...

Melis B said...

You will love the Powershot!! It's the best!!

Congrats on the new phone~~you are also totally hysterical!!


Jamie said...

You are too funny.You really must do A LOT of online shopping to have memorized your CC#.Have to say love the camera and the color.We also have a Canon Powershot and we love it ours is a SD800IS. They take great pics and have so many fun features on them.

Thanks for the info on the CD.Does it say on the CD that it's another language? If not I'd take a shot at retuning bc of that,it couldn't hurt?

Hope you have a great week.

Kelly A said...

You are hilarious!!!

Love your pink powershot! I sure wish mine was pink:(

Totally awesome that you know your cc# by heart!!!