Wednesday, March 5, 2008


One of my favorite co-workers was out of the office yesterday attending a training. We have worked together for over two years and been on the same team, cube by cube, the entire time (poor, poor fella :)).

At first I'm sure he thought I had to be CRAZY, but after this amount of time we have gotten adjusted to one anothers behaviors and have quite a bit of fun in "cube hell" or "practical joke heaven".

As he was 100% out of the office yesterday, in my very ORNERY afternoon mood, I decided to rearrange the keys on his keyboard...I have done this to him before, so I can't claim that it was original, BUT he is a hunt and peck typer - so it is hysterical when he looks up at his email - however many minutes later - and sees that all of the words are MISSPELLED!

What can I say? I'm easily amused!

Well, when I got in today I noticed he had *returned the favor* by seriously sabotaging my keyboard; however, I didn't notice the message hidden in the keys until I went to fix everything...

AND seeing as how he got me GOOD - I decided I just had to take a picture...


CawfeeGuy said...

wow and i thought I had alot of time on my hands!

Michael B said...

You're a good sport! And, so is he!

Something like that would drive me nuts!! : )

The Sweet Family said...

That is funny! Don't you love days when you have a little "spare time" to pull off a great prank. Yours was good; his was great. Now you can have fun leaving messages on the keyboard~

Have a great day!