Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have bags will travel...

UM, I NEED A VACATION! This has been a week filled with not being myself at all and that calls for some serious corrective action on my part...

As you can see from the EI counter, the family beach trip this year is still not really in sight *UGH*, but luckily there are a few long weekend trips coming up...

The 1st wknd in April I'm going to visit my aunt in Arkansas. I'm sure you are thinking that AK is not really the most optimal vaca spot and trust me, I agree; however, at this point I'd take just about anything, anywhere!

Then on AB weekend, I'll actually headed to Memphis, TN for the Beale Street Music Festival. I am meeting up with the same aunt there, so it will be FUN! I actually bought a plane ticket last year, but I ended up not going...that is a long story!

On a side note, I tend to watch crime related shows on TV (just love the course of solving a mystery) and last week I caught one of The First 48 episodes on AETV, which is based on solving murders and the need to have a suspect within the first 48 hours (now you really needed that explanation didn't you?), and go figure the case was in Memphis - showing no doubt the WORST part of the city and kind of gave me a not so nice feeling about the trip.

I guess I'm just super naive because I'd like to think of Tennessee as a safe state, tucked away in the south...

The line-up for the festival is amazing! Here are some of the acts:


O.A.R. (I can't wait to see them)

Sheryl Crow

Ben Folds


My Chemical Romance


Arrested Development (a lil Mr. Wendell action)

Simple Plan

Aretha Franklin

Finger Eleven

Joan Jett

Colbie Caillat...and the list goes on!


Amanda said...

Great line-up for the concert! Have fun! Enjoy the down time, its coming soon. You'll have to share details about the concert.

Jamie said...

Oh my gosh there are so many great bands on that line up. You will have a fantastic time.Never been to Tennesse but I have an old JHigh/HSchool friend that lives there.Concerts with lots of bands are always lots of fun,plus there's always lots of other fun things to do besides just watching the bands.Hope you have a great time.This is definetly a much needed vac for you especially after this week.Hopefully next week will be much better for ya.
Take Care,

Brooke said...

OOOO...FUN...Maybe I need a vacation too. Lot's of good bands! I am super jealous!